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Eyes on the most romantic place on earth: Venice

Ohhh Sugar…I booked our flight again, baby!

Travelling and visiting new places has always been a source of growth and a means recharging your soul. This experience can be amplified when doubled up with a with your partner, whether he o she is a boyfriend, husband or better…. Your sugar Sugar Daddy. That is why we are gonna start right here our „Oh Sugar…I booked it again“ series of articles dedicated to the most sought after destinations on earth.  So we go with our first on the list if lust, eroticism and elegance is what your need: 

Sugaring on a Gongola might just help

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it owes its uniqueness to being entirely built on water. This gives it a fairy tale and almost surreal air, especially when the colors of the sunset are mirrored in its waters giving it an enchanted atmosphere or when, shrouded by fog, reveals its most mysterious side.

How to get there:

The most convenient way to reach Venice is by train. The Venice-Santa Lucia station, located in the lagoon, is reachable by regional and high-speed trains coming from the main Italian and foreign cities. If you decide instead to get there by private boat, it is good to inquire in advance about the regulations regarding navigation in Venetian waters. If, on the other hand, you have a more powerful 10HP (7.36 KW) motor boat, you must first obtain appropriate marks issued by the IAT offices.

Things to do:

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Venice is a city of art to be discovered, where every building tells a story that is worth listening to. The Basilica of San Marco,for example, with its style dating between the Gothic and Byzantine periods, is just one of the many monuments that reveal the splendor of a city that despite its modest size, has managed to reach surprising wealth. The Ducal Palace, with its equally sumptuous interiors, and the Bridge of Sighs, which was used by prisoners before being judged by the Inquisitors, are also a must see. The small islands located nearby are just as fascinating. Not to be missed is certainly the visit to the island of Murano, famous all over the world for the incredible ability of its artisans to work colored glass. However, to fully enjoy the beauty of the city, as its inhabitants say, lose yourself between its narrow streets and admire it with its gaze turned upwards. Of course the thing becomes even more suggestive if you do so while you let yourself be swayed by the movements of a gondola. This is the typical boat, from which paddlers would originally sing the Barcarolla. These boats have also become a symbol of this wonderful city. If, however, this is not enough for your touristic appetite, visit the typical Venetian Bacari to try the famous Cicchetti, or the taste of fish or sausages to be enjoyed under a fresh lingering shadow of a Mediterranean tree and a good glass of local wine.

In the next articles we will continue this journey to discover other magical places, that will take you beyond a simple territory recognition quest with your sugar baby or sugar daddy

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