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Why a sugar baby should be travel wise!

Sugar Baby Vacations

Keep the mosquitoes away from your Sugar, Baby!

The whole excitement of planning a trip with your sugar baby or daddy is somewhat contagious to all around you. But keep in mind that excitement is not the only infectious topic if you are planning to be a sugar baby fun extraordinaire in tropical countries. The rise of Malaria is still a ominous reality.

CNN travel has recently published a list of some of the most jaw dropping  places to visit as a tourist in the sub saharan region. If you are a sugar baby who has taken on the task of synchronizing all these wonderful activities, and some of them might include The Great Migration in Tanzania, the Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia, Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, to name a few; stop right now and allow yourself some precaution. The sub saharan region was home for 90% of all Malaria cases in the world and for the first time in 10 years, scientists today fear a resurgence of the disease as numbers are not falling.

New malaria facts for the cautions sugar baby

A recent study unveiled a method in which the eighth generation of the female mosquito Aedes Aegypti can be stopped from producing eggs, therefore halting its proliferation. The Aedes Aegypti transmits the Zika virus, the culprit infant mortality increase in Brazil two years ago and the same mosquito which spreads the Dengue fever through its bite. Despite the recent breakthrough in the long fought battle against vector borne diseases, the cautious sugar baby or daddy should never underestimate the power of prophylaxis measuresThe simplest way a sugar baby could use to look after herself and her sugar daddy would be to make use of the widely available repellent creams on the market. They are nowadays not only effective to keep the mosquitos away from your sugar but also to moisturize your skin. Some of them come with really attractive fragrances (hopefully not to the mosquitoes).

Sugar baby & Daddy: the power of together!

Nothing can beat the the power of “together”. In this case I mean joining two forces: prevention against bites as well as prevention in the event you are bitten. There are a number of anti malaria tablets available from your pharmacy. They have about 90% effectiveness but make sure you talk to your Doctor before you decide which one to  take as the correct tablel for you and your sugar daddy depends on a number of variables. In all these precautions in mind you will be able to set for a smooth fun and loving trip with your man