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How to date with confidence, sugar daddy

Confidence is definitely sexy!! The good news is that being confident is something that everybody can learn. Here are some tips for you, Sugar Daddy, on how to improve your confidence and look sexier than ever!

Sugaring with confidence, baby!

Have you ever thought about what is it exactly that makes you stand out from the crowd when the topic is…Well, actually any topic!  So, being a man or woman, traditional bachelor; sugar baby or sugar daddy type…Whatever you call yourself. The key to displaying what some have so often named “star quality” is in the key ingredient “Confidence”. But it is too easy and simplistic to say all one needs is confidence to succeed in ones endeavors, whatever they might be. It is fair to ask then where does confidence come from?

Is passion for sugaring enough?

I have seen one key ingredient shared by those who succeed in whatever area they are. This ingredient is passion. So it is fair to say passion is one of the key ingredients to your general well being. You man or woman who is on the lookout for the ideal candidate or candidates to a fruitful romantic partnership should be enriching yourselves with ever more exciting personal experiences. So when it comes to your first date, there will be nothing left but to wow your potential partner. But why gathering as much personal experience as possible? Because that is how you can start making the passion for yourself and everything that is part of your life (including your SD/SB) shine so bright, that it will be impossible for it not to be seen. Not to mention emotional independence through enriching personal experiences and what they add to you. This is arguably one of  the hottest and most attractive traits on a person. Have you ever wondered what kept Fenningan Bell (Ethan Hawke) running after Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow) in “Great Expectations”?

The “how to” of life university for sugar babies and sugar daddies

If we start by making a  bullet list of activities that can enrich not only your life as a bachelor but also as a prolific dater, we could start with cinema, books, travelling, theatre, music shows & concerts. All of which will always have a direct link to something you or your date lived before or will live with you. Just pic it at random or read reviews on newspapers. This is a great way to building something that will always be with you: useful general social knowledge. Take her to dinner and talk about how fascinated you were with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and how that inspires you to find just the right girl to cater to. Or Take her to the Opera and woe her with the fascinating story of La traviata or how even the Swan princess was saved by the the strong and passionate prince in The Swan Lake. Keep it strategic and romantic and you will be in for a win! We are all about quantity and quality right?

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