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Things Sugar Daddies Like

You have attracted the attention of a sugar daddy, but don’t know the best way to impress him? What would most sugar daddies like from their sugar babies? You can find your answers here.

8 qualities sugar daddies really like in their partners

Be unique

sugar daddies like unique girls like the one in this picture

Distinguish yourself from other women by not trying to copy anyone. All men like women who are completely themselves โ€” including sugar daddies. So you better impress with your own style. This shows that you are self-confident and don’t let yourself be distracted by weird trends.

Don’t be arrogant towards sugar daddy

A wealthy man has more than one option. So don’t act around him as if he needed you โ€” because he doesn’t. Instead, you should show him that you want to please him. As long as he’s not out for a chase, an easy-going sugar baby will absolutely please him.

Show interest in his hobbies and goals

Show your sugar daddy that you care about him. Ask him what activities he does and what he likes. If he wants to involve you, don’t refuse until he’s told you exactly what it’s about. Ask him about his goals. What has he achieved so far and what does he still has ahead of him? How can you participate?

Show you’ve got your s# together

Although you should not brag about it directly, let it shine through that you are very capable of surviving on your own. Whether you’re great at keeping your apartment clean, a fabulous cook or a great intellectual, your sugar daddy will love it.

Sugar daddies like women who stand by themselves and don’t get on their nerves.

Be successful

sugar daddies like women that look and are successful

Since this relationship is about a woman being financially supported, it is obvious that the man also sees an effect through his contributions. If he pays for your education or training, tell your sugar daddy about the last exam you’ve passed. Even if you are not working, you can tell him about your successes: what have you achieved since the beginning of your relationship? Show him that you value his support.

Leave your problems at home

The sugar daddy seeks a sugar baby to help him forget his own stress. He doesn’t need you loading up on your own problems as well.

Don’t be greedy

Gold diggers are not popular among rich men, because no matter how pretty a woman may be โ€” if she shows her greedy side, she becomes unspeakably ugly.

Do not touch his property

Respect and discretion are important points in sugaring. Not only does it mean that the relationship itself should be handled with discretion. Also within the relationship itself one should respect the privacy of the other person and not snoop through his things. This is more for jealous wives โ€” and this is exactly what a sugar daddy is not looking for!

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