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Seduce Like Cleopatra with These Techniques

Cleopatra went down in history not only because she was the last queen of Egypt, but because she managed to win the hearts of two of the most powerful men of her time: Mark Antony and Julius Caesar.

The historian Cassius Dione describes the enormous power that Cleopatra had over men saying: “She could subjugate any man, even those who were reluctant to love and ahead of their time.” But what techniques did she use to be so irresistible in the eyes of men? Here are the main three:

Who was Cleopatra?

Queen Cleopatra, daughter of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, was born in Egypt in the year 69 AC. She was a cunning and charismatic ruler. She managed to repel the threat of the powerful Roman Empire by seducing two of the most important Roman generals: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Was Cleopatra beautiful?

painting of Cleopatra

Historical sources are very contradictory about Cleopatra’s beauty. Certainly, she was able to seduce powerful men, so she is thought to be of an uncommon beauty. However, apparently, her seductive power was based on more than that.

She was a woman of enormous culture. Plutarch praised her polyglot qualities: “According to them, her beauty in itself was not entirely incomparable nor such as to impress the beholder, but her style of conversation had an irresistible charm (…). Sweet was the sound of her voice when she spoke; her tongue, like a musical instrument with many strings, easily bent her to the idiom she wanted to use. There were very few barbarians with whom she dealt through an interpreter, most of whom she gave the answers herself.

Cassio Dione instead emphasizes her charisma: “she possessed the most seductive voice and knew how to make herself well-liked by anyone. Genius to admire and to listen to, with the power to subjugate everyone, even a man full of love because she was ahead of her time”.

Cleopatra teaches us that cultivating our intelligence and communication skills is essential to be seductive. Often more important than our physical beauty.

Seduce like Cleopatra

Present yourself as a goddess

A weapon often used by Cleopatra was to convince her interlocutor that she was not totally from this world. She told Caesar that she was descended from the great kings and gods of ancient Egypt. To Mark Antony, instead, she told of a direct kinship with Aphrodite herself. So these men were not only in the presence of a woman who was strong and powerful in herself, but who presented herself to them as a deity.

Such an association may seem difficult to build nowadays, where nobody believes in myths and legends, yet many people still find pleasure in escaping from reality and believing, for a moment, to be in the presence of a divine creature.

Present yourself as unique and mysterious. Try to understand what fantasies the person you want to seduce has. Stimulate their desire not only sexually, but to possess an unreachable creature.

Take them out of their boring reality

The idea of the fantastic creature is effective because it transports men into a world different from everyday reality, full of stress and problems to solve. To reinforce this idea, therefore, Cleopatra used the principle of isolation. In fact, she took Caesar on a journey to the banks of the Nile, showing him exotic places that were very different from his reality, taking him away from his problems and his responsibilities to allow him to indulge in sensory pleasures.

If most of the time you spend with your sugar daddy is in places away from his worries, where he can relax, he will associate you with that state of mind of joy and bliss, and you will be the person he will go to when he needs to escape, even if only for one evening, from his hectic life and responsibilities.

Make them afraid of losing you

There is no excitement without a hint of fear, without an element of danger threatening the relationship. So there is no seduction, in fact, without the anxiety that everything will end.

For this reason, just when the General began to desire more from Cleopatra, she became cold and detached or went on a journey. So the man found himself wondering what had happened, where he had gone wrong, thus fuelling obsessive thoughts about her. Cleopatra, smart as she was, returned before men got used to her absence.

couple disappearing in the horizon

She knew that a big mistake one makes during seduction is to be too kind and predictable. It may be seductive at first, but in the long run, it becomes monotonous. In fact, if you’re always nice, you are showing insecurity. But by alternating kindness with coldness and mystery, you will get the other person’s attention and become a constant thought on their mind.


Queen Cleopatra’s power over men was never physical but psychological. That’s why she was a different ruler from the others. She was also different from other women because she was not just a pretty face or a passive sexual object, but a woman who knew what she wanted and actively worked to achieve it.

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