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How to Create a Beautiful Printable Vision Board FREE

The second week of the year has already begun and, chances are, either you already have failed to keep your New Year’s resolutions or you already have completely forgotten about them. HOPEFULLY NOT! Otherwise, there’s one thing you still can do to make sure you will keep them in mind throughout the year: a printable vision board!

Grab pen, paper and a glass of wine. This will be fun!

Creating your first printable vision board

Printable vision board made with Canva.
Printable vision board made with Canva.

Step one: reflect

The goal of a (printable) vision board is to make your vision for your future visible. For that, you must, first of all, think about what you want to achieve this year. I emphasize the you because most people are busy following someone else’s dreams and trying to achieve societal goals.

So I ask: what do you want to experience independently of other people’s opinions?

Limit your list to a foreseeable timeframe, such as this year, and your goals to ten, so they are easier to recall. This way, you can always keep them in mind when making decisions. After all, decisions shape your life!

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Step two: have fun!

If you don’t already, create an account on Canva ( It is fun and intuitive to use and, what’s best: free!

Use the search function to find photo collages and pick the template that suits your idea of vision board best.

templates of printable vision boards found on canva
Templates for printable vision boards found on Canva.

Then, find and arrange photos and images that represent your goals for 2021 best. You can also upload photos taken by you and found elsewhere.

Step 3: decide where to put your printable vision board

The best place to put your printable vision board is somewhere you will be sure to see it at least once a day. It could be behind your bedroom door, on the fridge or somewhere in your office.

By being reminded of your goals every day, you are more likely to stay on track and achieve them!