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Sugar Daddies: The Arrogant Type

Part 2 of our series about the different types of sugar daddy is out! So what about arrogant sugar daddies? How exactly do they behave? Why do they become sugar daddies? And what do they expect from their sugar babies?

After talking about the providing sugar daddy, we jump to his polar opposite, the arrogant type:

The arrogant sugar daddy

arrogant sugar daddy posing for picture

This kind of sugar daddy is often what is known as nouveau riche. That means he wasn’t born in a wealthy family. Instead, he has earned his position by working hard. Alternatively, he has received a surprising amount of money — for example, through the lottery or an inheritance.

Compared to the “old-established” rich, he virtually throws his money around. He wants people to think and see that he has more than they do. The most important thing to him is that he can show off his wealth.

It’s somewhat understandable. Who wouldn’t be happy and proud of their luxurious lifestyle? After all, from now on he has no more money worries. Maybe he won’t ever again.

And yet, the arrogant sugar daddy greatly overestimates himself. The unexpected wealth brings him sometimes extreme success. But because of his self-centered manner, he doesn’t realize how annoying he appears to others.

The arrogant sugar daddy likes to show off

girl reacting to arrogant sugar daddy
Look closer…

He’s usually condescending to his sugar baby. And he’s not uncommon in asking her to do degrading things. Also, his talk always goes in that direction. Because the arrogant sugar daddy always changes from bragging to devaluation. He often thinks that the sugar baby is inferior to him. After all, she’s dependent on his money. Money as a means of power — that’s what he relies on. This is why he is so unpopular with the ladies. Who wants to be oppressed by a pretentious narcissist?


To be continued…

Of course, the providing and the arrogant are not the only sugar daddies you can meet. In the coming weeks, our series will be continued. So stay tuned, dear sugar babies!

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