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4 proven sex tips for men

That sex should be a moment of pleasure and carelessness for both, there is no doubt. But it is necessary to take into account the pleasure of your partner and also your own health. That is why we have prepared these four sex tips for men.

Communication and foreplay

couple following our sex tips for men

Communication is key. That is, talking and knowing what your partner likes and wants to do. Of course, you both need to get to know each other and explore your own bodies to know what you like in the first place.

Foreplay is also key, especially for women. The reason is that it takes time for her to get aroused and lubricated. Unlike some men, who are ready to get down and dirty just from taking a glance at their gorgeous partners.

So give your best: kissing, oil massage and oral sex before the act will make your partner delirious.

Porn doesn’t portrait real life

man slapping woman's butt against our sex tips for men

For a long time, porn movies were made by men for men. In other words, women’s wishes are not fulfilled in many porn movies.

These videos focus a lot on penetration and show next to no foreplay. And when they do, they only show oral sex done on men. So these movies aren’t good examples if you want to learn how to please your female partner.

More and more feminist porn video production companies have been emerging lately. Of course, besides being produced by women, they’re made for women. They have a convincing plot, suggest a real chemistry between the protagonists and emphasize foreplay before the act itself. And the female protagonist doesn’t spend all the time in the movie just satisfying the man: she gets a lot too.

No is no — and the lack of a yes also means no!

It seems kind of obvious but it has to be said, when a woman says no, she must be respected. That also means that you should only keep going if she’s enjoying it too. Consent is absolutely necessary in regards to sex; after all, it takes two willing and consenting adults.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but if you only care about yourself, buy a doll.

Urinate after sex

Peeing after sex can prevent urinary tract infection. That’s something most women are aware of, since urinary infection is more common in women. But for men, when it happens, it ends up being more severe, since it takes longer for them to notice the symptoms.

So, according to this medical source, urinating within 30 minutes after sex is essential to clean the urethra of bacteria, reducing the risk of developing a urinary tract infection caused by microorganisms from the rectum and genital secretions. It also helps protect against bladder, seminal vesicle and prostate infections.

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