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4 Proven Sex Tips for Her

There is nothing like exploring the pleasure that our own body can give us to the fullest. We can all do that while still working towards our goals of being happy, creating the life we want and having autonomy and freedom. Having that in mind, we prepared these 4 sex tips for her to reach the maximum of pleasure. They will blow your mind!

1: Know your body

girl following our sex tips for her in bed

Yes, we’re talking about masturbation here. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of knowing your body and how to give yourself pleasure before engaging in sex. Only in this way can you guide your partner and satisfy yourself during sexual intercourse. And never forget that the most important person who needs to be satisfied in the first place is you!

2: Stay on top

According to sex expert Layla Martin, author of Wild Woman in the Bedroom, one of the best positions to bring more pleasure in sex to women is being on top, whether he is sitting or lying. Why? Because this way you have more control over speed, angle and intensity and can keep the rhythm that most satisfies you.

So enjoy it, move back and forth, in circles, up and down, and see what turns you on the most. Besides, in this position you can massage your clitoris yourself or let your partner do it. Finally, being on top can bring a sense of control, which can be stimulating for many women.

3: Exercise

To have more stamina during sex it is important that you keep an exercise routine. Exercises focused on legs, butt and core will help you in your sexual performance. This way you can also feel safer trying different positions. Exercising also raises your self-esteem, which will increase your confidence and improve your libido.

4: Use lube

sex tip for her 4: use lube

Lubes are suitable for all ages. It has nothing to do with your ability to get wet on your own and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for using it. It can make sex more pleasurable for both parties.

The reason why you should use lube is that it prevents pain, cracks and burning, so you don’t feel sore after sex. It also can make touch more stimulating. Some people even prefer to use coconut oil as a natural alternative.


We sincerely hope our sex tips for her bring you lots of pleasure!