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Your favorite and your personality

What does your favorite cocktail say about your personality?

Summer is just around the corner. This time of warmth, light clothing and outdoor evenings. During these months we take the possibility to eat seasonal products or grill in the garden.

It is also normal for us to relax in a bar with friends after work. Accompanied by a good cocktail, we socialize and refresh at the same time.

But in addition to the classic beer and champagne, that are drunk in many parts of the world, there are other delicious drinks. Surely we all have a favorite cocktail that we drink on many occasions. The drink you always ask for when you don’t know what to drink because it never lets you down. But what does this preference say about your personality? In this article we will find out!

Sugar Babys holding their Cocktails


A colorful drink is the tequila sunrise. This summer cocktail has two types of preparations. One of them has tequila, lime juice and sparkling water. The other one also has tequila, accompanied by orange juice and grenadine. Those who enjoy drinking this delicious drink are held by sweet and romantic people. People who laugh easily and have a lot of creativity.


Those who drink mojito are considered happy people. Those who drink mojito are considered happy people. Based on rum, lime, mint and sugar, the Mojito represents happy and friendly people. People who don’t mind going from party to party every weekend because they like to enjoy life to the fullest. A little crazy, funny and funny, are other adjectives that define them.

The independent woman

Fancy cocktails for fancy Sugar Babys

If there is a drink that is synonymous with independence (especially female), it is the cosmopolitan. This cocktail prepared with vodka, triple sec, blueberries and lemon juice represents the executive woman, very hardworking otherwise. Not for nothing was the favorite drink of Carrie, protagonist of the New York series “Sex and the City”. It is said that those who drink this drink worry not only about success but also about their physical and mental appearance.


Those who prefer the elegant gin-tonic can be described as rational people. It is said that they are also people who know how to listen to other people and who are not easily impressed. They are also intelligent and equitable. While for many people classics like beer and wine don’t count as cocktails, we can’t leave them out on this occasion. This is because these two old preparations are still very popular in the world.


Beer would be synonymous with spontaneity and fun. It is said that people who prefer this ancient drink are often carefree. They are also people who are strong, self-confident and hardworking.


Wine lovers are often characterized by a great sense of humor. In addition, they are people who can enjoy a long time conversing with others. Intellectuality is also a characteristic of people who love a good glass of wine. But sometimes they can be arrogant.

Sugar babys love cocktails

Now you know: The next time you order your favorite cocktail, the waiter will surely find out something about your personality. And you, what’s your favorite cocktail? Tell us in the comments :)