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Traveling with Sugar Daddy is incredible


Having a sugar daddy means being taken care of by a man who is older and wealthy. This includes traveling the world on first class flights, staying in the best hotels all paid for by daddy. What beats that? Here are pointers on traveling with sugar daddy.

Traveling with Sugar Daddy

Traveling with Sugar Daddy

1.Ensure your safety when traveling with sugar Daddy

• It goes without saying that you should not be traveling with sugar daddy on the first day you meet. Give yourself some time to know him and find out if he is a man you can trust.
• Share a copy or copies of the details of your trip with your close friends or family before you leave
• Carry some money or have your credit card with you. Things might not work out with daddy while you are away and you do not want to get stuck in a country where you don’t even understand the language spoken.
• Do not forget to verify if the hotel room has been paid for and is in your name before traveling with sugar daddy.

2.When traveling with sugar daddy, make him happy

• Know the reason for the trip
If daddy was going on a business trip and he decided to bring you along. You will not be spending the whole day with him because he has to work. You will probably just see him after work, so plan on activities while he is away. Go shopping or get a massage. Just don’t keep calling and texting him while he is in business meetings.
• Drop your attitude
Whatever is going on in your life back home that you’re not happy about, leave it there. Remember nobody forced traveling with sugar daddy on you. It was your choice. He brought you here so the two of you can have fun. So enjoy it. Daddy likes to see you happy.
• Know what to expect
Before traveling with sugar daddy, make sure that both of you communicate your expectations clearly and both of you have agreed to these expectations. Your sugar daddy will always respect your safety and honesty.
• Be grateful for traveling with sugar daddy
Take time to tell daddy how grateful you are how you would never have traveled to this part of the world were it not for him. Tell him how much you appreciate him. This will make daddy happy and he is sure to bring you to more trips with him.

3. Have fun while traveling with sugar daddy

Now the purpose of a traveling with sugar daddy is to have fun. Have the time of your life because chances are, you might never be to that country or hotel ever again. So go sightseeing, go shopping, take lots of photos and have the time of your life!