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Sugar Daddy in Sandton

My father always taught me to treat a woman right if I wanted to be happy. He said that I would have to give her all the love she required and everything else. This included a dream home, car, jewellery and whatever made her feel more secure, special and cared for. That conversation pretty much summed up everything I had learned about becoming a sugar daddy in Sandton.

Working Towards a Sugar Daddy in Sandton

My mother had passed away and Dad met Laura. Laura was my stepmother and she was young and vibrant and beautiful. I could see that she loved my dad when she looked at him. I knew what I had to do to get a women like that and become a sugar daddy in Sandton. I began working harder at school and made sure I finished top of my class. I then attended college and got into business where I worked long hours. Before long I was earning the kind of money others dreamed of. My life was successful and I found myself taking on the Sugar daddy in Sandton role when I began dating someone half my age.

Sugar Daddy in Sandton

How can you become a Sugar Daddy in Sandton?

Lost Sugar Daddy in Sandton

Most of my friends would roll their eyes when I spoke about her and warned me that she was just using me. When I became a sugar daddy in Sandton they thought I had lost it. They would shake their heads at me. I take care of my sugar baby and she lives with me rent free. She also takes care of me and I trust her and believe her when she tells me she loves her sugar daddy in Sandton. She may be half my age, but she is the most caring individual I know.
I even bought her a car and jewellery. She dresses up for me and allows me to order for her when we go out to dinner because she knows I will always take care of her. Not everyone believes me, but there are those who are slowly coming round. Some still say she takes advantage of me, of my success and money. They also say she will eventually leave me. When I am asked how I became a sugar daddy in Sandton, I tell them about my father. I see some of them are changed after that story.

Happy Sugar Daddy in Sandton
My dad knew how to make a woman happy and how to keep her happy. His advice worked for him and it sure is working for me. Ensuring that you do everything to keep your woman happy is the best advice ever. Guys who have problems with their girls, should examine their actions first and see where they are going wrong before pointing fingers. If you properly provide for her and make her feel special, you will always be able to keep her.