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Living with Sugar Daddy | Tips and Tricks

LIVING WITH SUGAR DADDY – helpful Information

While most sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are like casual dating relationships that are mutually beneficial, there are some instances where a sugar baby ends up living with sugar daddy. While this happens for different reasons, whether wanting a place to leave home or just a decision the two of you have come to, it has both its ups and downs.

Living with Sugar Daddy

Living with Sugar Daddy

The security that comes with living with sugar Daddy

Living with sugar daddy means you have a fantastic apartment to stay without paying rent. Who wouldn’t want that? We all struggle with financial issues and having someone around to take care if the bills so that you can relax and even ensure that you are financially stable is more than welcome.
Since you live in the same house now, his chances of cheating are minimal. And besides will always be older than you so you have a little leverage over the relationship. He should fell lucky that nailed a pretty young thing like you.

The fun in living with sugar daddy

While living with sugar daddy, you get to embrace all these new and wonderful experiences such as attending all the lavish and expensive dinner and cocktail parties that sugar daddy gets invited to at the high-class residential area.
This way, you also get to meet rich people and even have a rich circle of friends from your neighborhood at your disposal.
It’s considered a taboo to date a sugar daddy in our society, let alone living with one. So it would be exciting to defy the norms and send a clear message to all the judgemental human beings out there that you can do what the hell you want by living with sugar daddy.

The downside of living with sugar Daddy

Like every other good thing in the world, living with sugar daddy also has its drawbacks
This arrangement means being dependent on someone older for a big part of your livelihood and life expenses. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, what happens if he doesn’t want to live together anymore or starts seeing another sugar baby.
Living with sugar daddy changes certain things, it turns the situation into something more personal than it actually is. You get to see your partner’s little traits that you don’t really like and realize it’s not a vacation anymore. This could be quite dicey and end the relationship.
Problems could stem out of differences in hobbies due to the age difference. You will miss going out with friends or want to try out new things while he just wants to have a quiet lifestyle.