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Tantra: More Than What You Think (Part I)

Have you ever heard of tantra? And if so, what exactly? Because if you associate it with wild sex and orgies, it’s time for an update! In this article, we’ll explain the basics of tantra to you and clarify some misunderstandings:

Tantra is more than just physical love

Due to a lack of information, many people often equate the term tantra with Kama Sutra. However, the Kama Sutra has almost no relation with it, since the Kama Sutra is much more about physical love. Although there are also the so-called “tantra massages”, they only make for a small part of it.

The media is mostly to blame for this sort of misinformation and distorted image of this practice. Most reports are based on little to no research. Thus, for some outsiders, tantra is a kind of “swingers club” with esoteric people or similar.

However, it should be said that it is much less about a new sexual trend. It is much more about having a wide variety of experiences that create a new approach to oneself and one’s own emotional world. In this way, love, partnership and/or sugar relationships can be strengthened and flourish anew.

What is tantra, after all?

Tantra is a path of practical self-awareness. It is a Sanskrit term and means as much as web/connection or extension/expansion.

woman feeling the effects of oneness under a tree

In short, all phenomena of the world are seen as a unity, whereby nothing is excluded or rejected. That doesn’t mean that one should withdraw from the world in order to know oneself. It is rather concerned with dealing with one’s own body, with one’s longings, one’s feelings and the respective situations that life provides. Through this, one can experience one’s true self.

The effect of Tantra

It can enhance all physical and mental abilities of the human being. It awakens the original life energy, the so-called Kundalini-Shakti, leading to higher consciousness and spiritual experiences.

This is what you can achieve by following this path:

A means for self-discovery

There are many exercises aimed at achieving these goals. In contrast to other teachings, such as those that include asceticism, tantra also uses sexual power.

couple practicing tantra

As already described in our article “The Secret of Sexual Transmutation“, sexual energy is considered one of the most powerful sources of energy a human being can possess. So if you (whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby) have ever been totally in love or had a deeply fulfilling orgasm, you will most likely know what is meant by this.

The union of Shiva and Shakti (man and woman) in the advanced tantric ritual (also known as Maithuna) is not only a symbolic act or pleasurable encounter. It is a deep experience of unity with oneself, your partner and what is.

You liked this article and would like to learn about the origin and practice of tantra today? Then come back here next week for part 2!