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sugar daddy

sugar daddy – Who is he?

Society views a sugar daddy as a middle aged or elderly man who is looking for a trophy wife or girlfriend, that is way out of their league. They are believed to shower these women with gifts and money in order to keep them, but the reality of this is quite different today. The modern sugar daddy comes in a variety of ages, sizes, looks, cultures and backgrounds. However, despite their differences, the sugar daddy’s do share some similar traits.

Controlling Sugar Daddy

Woman are very attracted to a man who is assertive and well able to get the job done, regardless of what the task may be. If you know who you are as a man, you will be able to love without losing yourself or being walked on. You can demonstrate this by maintaining control of the situation. It is best not to give away anything that you are not ready to give. A little bit of mystery will make her want you even more.

Caring Sugar Daddy

sugar daddy

sugar daddy

Good sugardaddy’s are caring. To be caring means you need to be genuine. There are those men who in the traditional sugardaddy position often want to ”rule with an iron fist” and attempt to control. Caution is a good trait to have, however it is not very effective when you are looking for love or genuine companionship. If the sugardaddy wants the best response from his sugar baby, he will need to treat her with love and respect. This will most likely result in a ten fold return.

Sugar Daddy Finances

A sugardaddy must be solvent even though he may not be rich. He will need to have some money or the expenses will just keep on piling up. You need to be able to pay for something if you want to win the affections of a sugar baby. He will not only have to maintain control over his emotions, but finances as well. This will ensure that he has peace of mind before entering into a more committed relationship with anyone if he does not have millions to play with.

Sugar Daddy Dreams

A sugardaddy is just like any other person and he also has dreams of having a loving relationship with the ideal person, just like any other individual does. He also needs to have goals and objectives and work hard towards these in much the same way as any other business or life venture. A sugardaddy can be the ideal partner for the right sugar baby and the answer to many of her problems. The right partner can support you in any venture you undertake and help your dreams come true.