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sugar daddy guide

The Sugar Daddy Guide for Beginners

Those wanting to become Sugar Daddies in 2016 will have to check themselves closely to see if they have the qualities to be a successful Sugar Daddy. This Sugar Daddy Guide is divided into three sections; the first paragraph deals with the personality traits necessary to become a good Sugar Daddy, the second deals with how to buy gifts for your Sugar baby and the last with how to get your Sugar Daddy swag and game on.

A Sugar Daddy needs to be naturally generous. There is no point trying to be a Sugar Daddy if you cringe at the idea of being at the beck and call of your lovely young lady. Any Sugar Daddy Guide must also stress the point of a Sugar Daddy being financially bouyant. No, in fact, being stinking rich to be precise. Rich men who are millionaires make much better Sugar Daddies because spending on their Sugar Babe does not even leave a dent on their bank balance and so will never pose a problem for them. Don’t think you can become a Sugar Daddy just because you did a lot of overtime last month and have an extra $1000 in your pocket because it just won’t cut it.

Sugar Daddy Guide on Sugar Babe Gifts

Oh yes, any respectable Sugar Daddy Guide should also warn potential Sugar Daddies about the dangers of tanning

Any Sugar Daddy Guide must also stress the point of a Sugar Daddy being financially bouyant

Our Sugar Daddy Guide explains how to buy the best gifts for your Sugar Baby by paying real attention to her tastes, fashion sense and interests. Having a commited Sugar Daddy relationship is a meaningful endeavour and should not be taken lightly. Your Sugar Babe makes you happy and keeps you feeling fresh so do not disrespect her by just copying what other Sugar Daddies buy for their Sugar Babes. She is your responsibility so use your knowledge of her to choose gifts she will really enjoy. Personalise gifts only when it is tasteful to do so and make sure you understand the quality levels of whichever gift you intend to buy. Now onto the last, and most important, section of our Sugar Daddy Guide.

Forget About The Sugar Daddy Gone Wrong

The Sugar Daddy Guide on swag will help you get your game on. Don’t dress like a young dude if you’re over sixty unless you can really rock it. Get independent advice on whether your swag is working or if you just look like an old guy desperate to look young. Do not make an afro with your chest hair, please! Also, if you are above 65 years old please do not try to rock an open top Ferrari, it looks weird. Bentley Coupe hard top would do just nicely. Just avoid convertables, period. Oh yes, any respectable Sugar Daddy Guide should also warn potential Sugar Daddies about the dangers of tanning. We are not talking about the dangers to your poor skin but about the risk of your skin looking like aged leather. Grow old gracefully as that is what attracts the best Sugar babies. What is the location that you are looking in? Ask yourself all these questions and answer them before moving on to find that perfect sugar daddy. Is money the most important? Is a lavish style more important that precious time with your man? Go through all the details and make sure you know the answer before getting serious with your sugar daddy. If you don’t know the answers then you have the problem of sugar daddy gone wrong.

To move onward and upwards to better things you need to forget about the sugar daddy gone wrong and find the sugar daddy that is right for you. There are many places online and offline that you can meet people, converse and just get to know them before you actually make any kind of commitment. If you have had the experience sugar daddy gone wrong then learn from it and everything will go better the next time around.

Have faith because your perfect sugar daddy is out there somewhere, waiting for someone like you.