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Sugar Daddy Jokes

We make fun of things that embarrass us. Dating and aging are both sensitive topics. Combined, they have provided the fertile ground required for the phenomenon that I call the Sugar Daddy Jokes.

The Art of Sugar Daddy Jokes

Sugar Daddy Jokes have been exploited by the arts. They are used to bring forth grins and giggles while encouraging us to laugh at our weaknesses and passions. These Sugar Daddy Jokes vary in tone from the light-hearted lyrical lines of the Bellamy Brothers song
What you need’s a Sugar Daddy, diamond rings and a brand new caddy
Little things to help a girl make it through to cheeky film titles like Some like it Hot and more direct one liner quips.
Amazing how much taller a man seems when he stands on his wallet.
Sugar Daddy Jokes sprinkle that vast landscape that lies between Naughty and Nice.

Sugar Daddy Jokes

There are things which emberass us. Therefore there are Sugar Daddy Jokes

Spice of Sugar Daddy Jokes

Sugar Daddy Jokes are everywhere. They have been with us for a long time. Certainly, they predate any human understanding of the male menopause. While laughing at ourselves can be fun, Sugar Daddy Jokes serve another important function. They add spice. Sugar Daddy Jokes cover the baser urges of man in a hard shell of candy. They hint at the gooey soft centre of the older man, while presenting themselves in the bright cheerful colours that were created to attract the attention of young and fanciful ladies.
The Urban Dictionary compares the real Sugar Daddy to the fictional genie. The entry draws a parallel between age and the granting of wishes. The level of success lies in the rubbing – Rubbing which must be done the right way.
No Sugar Daddy nor Sugar Baby wants to become one of the Sugar Daddy Jokes. If you are considering walking down this road, then start slowly. The road promises pleasure and great reward but it is not for everyone.
When looking for a Sugar Buddy consider that beneath the role play are real people who bring their own personality, values and frailties to any arrangement.
Take it slow and make sure that you understand what you are agreeing to. Check reviews and the ground rules to prepare yourself for the search. Many people have fun while seeking,finding and maintaining their Sugar Love Arrangement.
Manage your expectations. Deal with a reputable agency. Agree and abide by a set of rules. Meet and interact on neutral ground. These four simple steps should prevent you from becoming a Sugar Daddy Joke.