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a sugar daddy sentence

a sugar daddy sentence – Summing up life with my Sugar Daddy

A Sugar Daddy sentence: Summing up my new life one clause at a time!

I was recently asked to sum up my life with Alfred, my Sugar Daddy in one sentence (or as I prefer to call it in a sugar daddy sentence). So I did it: SO MUCH BETTER.Then I thought about it and I decided that I needed one more sentence… then another, and another…

A Sugar Daddy sentence: I am learning so much

For me education in all of it’s shapes and forms is the most important thing in life. Since marrying my Sugar Daddy I have finished my PhD (which he kindly sponsored), toured the world and learned about a lifestyle I could never have dreamed of before.

a sugar daddy sentence

a sugar daddy sentence

A Sugar Daddy sentence: I am so loved.

I dated men my age before and I know it is cliched to talk about them as being immature but I am afraid that is a truism. My Sugar Daddy has life experience and he knows what it means to really love someone deeply and he shows me that love in so many ways.


A Sugar Daddy sentence: The sex is so amazing!

Experience and stamina. That is all I’m saying here.

A Sugar Daddy sentence: So many
My Sugar Daddy does not need to treat me to show me that he loves me. I don’t demand to be pampered but my darling Alfred gets so much pleasure from giving me things that it would be a sin to try and stop him. I have a new sport’s car, a horse (complete with stables), diamonds by the bucket-load and so much more besides.

A Sugar Daddy sentence: I’ve seen the world
When we were first dating Alfred would bring me along on his private jet to meetings around the world. He would meet a company in New York and whilst he was in the boardroom I would be shopping. When in Dubai I went up the Burj Khalifa and when we visited his offices in Kenya I went on a photo safari.

A Sugar Daddy sentence: I am so happy!
I want for nothing. I can visit any university in the world and attend any lecture I want. My Sugar Daddy can arrange for private lectures from experts anywhere I desire. I have toys, horses, cars… I am loved beyond measure and I feel stable and happy beyond belief.

A Sugar Daddy sentence: Why don’t you try?
I met Alfred through and I found it to be an excellent service so why don’t you look for the man who will start your adventure for you?