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A Sugar Baby Definition

A Sugar Baby Definition
A sugar baby definition is a difficult one to pin down. It’s certainly a term that’s become relatively commonplace in today’s social media and dating circles. However, the definition of a “sugar baby” will depend on the perspective of the person providing the definition. So, what does it mean, exactly? Consider the following:

a sugar baby definition
A Sugar Baby Definition: From Society’s Perspective

From society’s perspective, a sugar baby definition will be as varied as the individuals being asked. For folk music lovers, a sugar baby definition is as simple as the 2001 song of the same name by legendary musician, Bob Dylan. For rock lovers, Sugar Baby is the name of the 2008 EP album from the rock group, Morningwood. Ten-to-one odds, the elderly have probably never heard of the expression while middle-aged people, especially older women, may look disconcerted before uncomfortably providing, “a prostitute” as their response. However, any sugar baby worth her salt will immediately tell you that there are significant differences between a sugar baby and a prostitute, the primary one being that prostitution is a profession while sugaring is a lifestyle choice. The reference source,, provides a sugar baby definition as “a person supported (typically financially and materially) by an older companion”.As can be seen, there are varying definitions in today’s society for “sugar baby” – depending, of course, on your perspective. Now it’s time to “go to the source”, if you will, and consider the definition from the perspective of the two individuals involved in the sugaring relationship.

A Sugar Baby Definition: From a Sugar Baby’s Perspective

You are young, attractive and have a great personality. Unfortunately, you have very little free time to hang out with friends, thanks to the demands of a day job that requires long hours, average pay and a non-existent compensation package. You’re new to the city and you have student loans to pay but you’re barely managing to make your rent each month. Understandably, the thought of putting even the smallest dent in your student loan seems like a pipe dream. So, what to do?For many young women, sugaring is the ideal answer to their problems. And why not? It’s not prostitution – it’s a lifestyle choice. You have the good looks, you’re well-spoken and intelligent. Why not put these skills to good use as a companion to an older man who would be willing to compensate you for your time spent with him? It’s a relationship which will provide you with some money, possibly a steady allowance, which will help with your expenses. Depending on your agreement, you may also receive “lifestyle perks” in the form of travel, clothing or jewellery.

A sugar baby definition, from your perspective, is an attractive young woman offering companionship to an older man in exchange for some form of financial support.

A Sugar Baby Definition: From a Sugar Daddy’s Perspective
a sugar baby definition
You’re an older man who’s spent the better part of the last few decades amassing a small fortune. It’s unfortunate that you’ve devoted less time on your personal life. You’ve now reached a point where you’ve got more money than you’ll ever spend but sadly enough, no one to spend it on. Conventional dating with its typical complications and considerations don’t interest you yet spending time in the company of an attractive young woman certainly has its appeal. You’re at that point in your life where you actually want to start enjoying the money you’ve been amassing and you’re more than willing to share some of your wealth. Of course, sex hasn’t been entirely taken off the table and could form part of the arrangement – after all, it’s all about the art of negotiation!

A sugar baby definition, from your perspective, is an attractive young woman offering her companionship, with or without fringe benefits, to a man like you in exchange for some form of financial support.

So, there you have it. Whatever a sugar baby definition, few will argue that it’s a win-win situation for the two individuals involved in the sugaring relationship.