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Sugar Daddy Outfit for your date

Sugar Daddy Outfit – What is the worst outfit ever?

Have you ever seen a sugar daddy outfit that makes you cringe? Flares, platform shoes and a satin shirt un-buttoned down to the stomach with a grey afro bursting out? If so, then you have witnessed one of the many sugar daddy outfit disasters. Sugar daddy outfit disasters are not that hard to find with so many wannabe sugar daddies who don’t have what it takes to be a real sugar daddy. A true sugar daddy does not lose hair they just bald gracefully. Maturing is a privilege so describing balding as hair loss is way too negative. Sugar daddies do not lose hair they are merely thinning.

So, any attempt at disguising the thinning process is a no-no for the discerning sugar daddy and just part of a sugar daddy outfit gone wrong. Allowing the little section of hair remaining to grow way too long so that you can not-so cleverly comb it across your head to hide your thinning scalp, is just another component of a failed sugar daddy outfit and is usually accompanied by an attire of equal fakery.

Sugar Daddy Outfit: The best you can buy

Sugar Daddy Outfit

Sugar Daddy Outfit

Crisp, clean and smart with a little sassy would do nicely. Compliment the aging process and be proud of your years. Well thought out stubble can work if designed carefully but be careful of huge beards that make you look like a dishevelled music teacher. If one feels the need to use hair dye, then please seek advice from an experienced stylist who can match your eyebrow tones and eyelashes so that one does not end up looking like they are wearing a poorly chosen toupee designed for a mannequin.

Classy suits, quality chinos and boot cut jeans are sober choices for a good sugar daddy outfit. No shiny suits or tight jeans are allowed at all if you want to leave a good impression where ever you go. Brogues and loafers are also good choices for the casual sugar daddy outfit and trainers can only work if you are going to the gym, seriously! Or for ramblers! A dinner suit is a must for a sugar daddy’s wardrobe and a selection of casual jackets and blazers.

Prestigious Shops to Buy a Sugar Daddy Outfit

Any sugar daddy of worth will avoid the likes of Next, Top Man and Sports Direct (unless for camping gear if Blacks get shut down). These shops do not authenticate the discerning sugar daddy outfit, for which you will need to visit more highly acclaimed and quality shops such as Abercrombie, Burberry, Ascot Chang, and Aquascutum. Very smart sugar daddies may be able to mix and match from lesser brands and still look good but do not attempt this unless you are certain of what you are doing as this is dangerous territory. You could run the risk of looking like a green energy salesman.

The Classic Sugar Daddy Outfit

No classic sugar daddy outfit could beat the time-honoured smoking jacket, with or without pipe. It may sound a little tacky and cliché but a very comfortable choice for evenings around the mansion on yacht. Something about a smoking jacket that makes a sugar baby go crazy! You would be amazed at the different styles of smoking jacket available on the market today but be careful not to look too cheap as some of the styles may be aimed at wannabe daddies.

Be True to Your Culture

One thing to remember is that not all Sugar Daddy Outfits will be the same because there are sugar daddies from all over the world with their own exotic versions of a sugar daddy outfit. Be true to your own cultural version of a sugar daddy outfit. A sugar daddy outfit from Nigeria could include an expensive Agbada fit for a chief or a king, or a Zhongshan suit for a Chinese sugar daddy. What we are saying is that the dress sense for top sugar daddies from around the world is culturally specific. The fun starts when a sugar daddy travels and brings his sugar daddy outfit with him causing mass confusion and sometimes laughter.

Everyone remembers the Eddie Murphy movie “Coming to America” where an African king travels to America to find a wife. The adornments of royalty in Africa usually involve some degree of tribal garments that represent the region from which the family hail and thusly, a sugar daddy from that region could easily be dressed in a similar way.

Dress Like a Top Sugar Baby

Well, if a sugar daddy outfit needs to be classy and representative of position and standing within a culture, then the same should apply for the sugar baby. She must also represent herself in a fitting way to keep the attention of her sugar daddy. A sugar baby should try to wear those things she already knows her sugar daddy loves. Sugar babies should make sure they do not confuse the bedroom with social events by turning up in an outfit that is too embarrassing.

How Does a Sugar Baby Compliment a Sugar Daddy Outfit?

To properly compliment your sugar daddy and his sugar daddy outfit you need to always pay attention to the type of event that you are attending with him. As you get to know his social preferences in terms of restaurants and events, you can start building an understanding of the appropriate attire for each occasion. If you are spending the night indoors, then a whole different attitude will need to be employed. The freak in you can be unleashed. Any fantasy outfits you’ve heard him express interest in could be just a visit to the bathroom away after a romantic dinner for two. If he calls out to you whilst you are in the bathroom, do not let him know what you are up to. Just reply with a standard excuse to keep him none the wiser.

How to Reply to a Man Who Has Serious Sugar Daddy Outfit Issues

Sugar Daddy Outfit

Sugar Daddy Outfit

If your sugar daddy asks you what you think of his sugar daddy outfit and you really think it’s ridiculous there is a way that you can reply without offending him. Just reply with something like “I like it but I think you would look better in….” This type of reply will most likely achieve the best results without causing any discomfort to his ego. Any other reply directly criticising the awful outfit could cause bad vibes between the two of you which is the last thing you want to do.

Throughout your relationship with your sugar daddy always be the one he can feel comnfortable with. This means you should never be harsh when correcting him. Remember, more money sometimes means more problems. You are supposed to be the one who makes his life bearable in a world full of vicious and hungry predators (including his wife possibly).

Worst Sugar Baby Outfit to Wear

Sugar baby outfit disasters include dressing up like a Playboy Bunny without warning him and meeting him outside his office. Dressing up like a nurse when he’s just come back from Harley Street where they’ve just told him he has 6 months to live. Not all sugar baby outfit disasters will be as silly or extreme as the above examples. Nevertheless, they are examples of how you could misread situations and dress inappropriately. For example, you would not attend a banquet at the Dorchester in jogging bottoms that read “I like it rare” across the buttocks in pink. Even if they are Gucci, which they wouldn’t be with that remark. Do Gucci even make jogging bottoms? Anyway, know you sugar daddy and his social behaviour and research what you don’t know about how to act and dress right in various social settings.

Why is Dress Code Important?

Very often, you are the result of what you wear and not the other way around. At least to those who do not yet know you very well. No one speaks for their clothes but their clothes can easily speak for them. Imagine a sexy blonde woman showed up at a charity dinner event for the sexually impotent at the Savoy Hotel in a bikini. Would she be perceived as smart or stupid? In fact, that could be a good idea! Or would that just be unfair! But anyway, you get the point!

You can be the best sugar baby in the world but you still need to dress to impress on the night. Before people see you, they see what you are wearing. Get it wrong and you could ruin your sugar daddy’s reputation. Get it right and you could be secure for life because you fit into his world perfectly.

Remember, a lot of sugar daddies are not that old at all and have a lot of life left in them. Some of them are under 40 and hot as hell! If they meet a sugar baby that understands how they like to live and how to properly compliment them, that sugar baby will be looked after for the rest of her life. Okay, maybe the rest of her young life until he trades her in at 30 for a younger model. Don’t hate the player hate the game. It is not that bad just step up to the 60-year-old and above bracket. After all, you could stay a sugar baby until you’re well over 40.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Okay, so we have just been harping on about a sugar daddy outfit. Needing to be on point, the sugar baby should get her garments up to scratch as well. But, we never actually touched on a very important point: When it comes to recognising the perfect sugar daddy by completely ignoring his choice of sugar daddy outfit. Well, you should not exactly ignore his sugar daddy outfit. Instead, try seeing through it because the best sugar daddies often hide where they cannot be recognised by unscrupulous prey.

Watch out for a chap with a dress sense that appears to be very far from the perfect sugar daddy outfit. They have all the grace and eloquence of a prince. If you guess right, they could believe that actually like them for their personality rather than their money. This means they might love you more for it. If you are wrong then the dude will probably be a refined tramp that was disowned by a rich family.

Good luck!