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Definition of Sugar Daddy

Definition Of Sugar Daddy: The real meaning

There’s more behind the definition of sugar daddy Than you could possibly realise. What is the definition of sugar daddy? He is a mature, well-to-do gentleman who likes to spend his money on a young, hot woman. Or a definition of sugar daddy could be a wrinkly old pervert who fantasises and lusts over young money-hungry call girls.
Whichever of the defintions you choose to think of a sugar daddy, it all amounts to the same thing. He is an older man who enjoys the company of a young woman. In the dictionary the defintions of sugar are of sweetness and a term of endearment for a lover. It can also be used as a slang word, in a degrading way.
Include ‘daddy’ and it becomes something else. A daddy, in the dictionary, is a parent, or old person. Unless he’s a daddy long-legs in which case, he’s a spider. A spider is a creepy-crawly insect and that term could also include a definition of sugar daddy. According to the dictionary a ‘rock’ spider is the word inmates’ use for men who choose to include young persons as a sexual preference. Some might say this is also a definition of sugar daddy. Although it’s not quite the same thing, it would most probably depend on how against sugar daddies and sugar babies you are.

Definition of sugar daddy explained

Definition of Sugar Daddy

Definition of Sugar Daddy

What one could assume from this is the definition of sugar daddy could be a sweet, creepy, geriatric who is loaded with cash and lusts after lovely young ladies.
To really get into what a definition of sugar daddy would be, and what it would include, is the ‘sugar bowl’. There are certain ways a word or words are used or put together in the sugar daddy and sugar baby world. They are not necessarily the same as in the dictionary, but have specific defintions of their own.

Defintions of a bowl in the dictionary can vary from an amphitheatre to a container, from a wok to something that is used with a pestle mortar to ground in and even from a deep basin to a drinking cup. However because this is specifically a sugar bowl we can conclude that this bowl has sugar in it.
Defintions of an actual sugar bowl is that it is traditionally part of a tea-set. It will more than likely have a lid on it to cover the sweet granules or cubes inside. This, however, is far removed from the defintions of the particular sugar bowl term that is used in the ‘sugaring’ world.
A definition of sugar daddy would not be complete if defintions did not include the humble sugar bowl. Only in this case the sugar bowl has some offensive and distasteful words.

Other sugar daddy slang terms

Inside the metaphorical sugar bowl is the word POT. The defintions of pot in the dictionary are a cooking vessel or just as commonly known but not in a standard dictionary, marijuana.
POT from the sugar bowl means potential sugar daddy. This is fairly basic, but serves its purpose for a sugar baby searching for a definition of sugar daddy to include onto her list.
Definition of sugar daddy is coming together with another word from the sugar bowl, salt. From the dictionary salt seasons and preserves food. From the sugar bowl a salt daddy is a piece of salt. Piece is probably more meaningful than the correct word, granule. And that interpreted in the sugar bowl defintions means a salt daddy is a deceptive person.

‘Salty’ is the abbreviated word used amongst sugar babies to describe men who want a girlfriend but do not want to include going down the traditional sugar baby arrangement path. The dictionary meaning is ‘to taste like salt’. That being said, the salt chemical compound of acid and metal also give good defintions of what a salt daddy is in that neither are wanted by a sugar baby.

Another defition of sugar daddy

More definitions of sugar daddy from the sugar bowl include, splenda daddy. Splenda is a registered trademark word for an artificial sweetener and very much defines the fact that a splenda daddy makes all the moves a real sugar daddy does, only he is artificial and doesn’t have the money to fund a sugar baby’s allowance.

He has the capacity to offer her friendship and take her to fancy dinners but only under the pretence of having a hefty bank balance. Therefore that brands him as being artificial, splenda.
Pay-Per-Meet is another definition of sugar daddy and is quite simply just as it states. This is not an ideal situation for a sugar baby unless she has an agreement with her other sugar daddy or daddies.
The defintions of a Pay-Per-Meet arrangement are purely more of the call-girl nature of doing business and not particularly that of a sugar baby. A sugar baby wants to include an allowance in any contract she participates in. Pay-Per-Meet is not necessarily the definition of sugar daddy that is acceptable among sugar babies.

Sugar babies on dating sites

Also in the sugar bowl is the word ‘freestyle’. This is just a euphemism for trolling the websites looking for a sugar daddy that is worthy of keeping the sugar baby in the lifestyle she is hoping for.
Most everyone would know what to ‘sugar-coat’ something means. It is no different in the sugaring world either. There are daddies out there that are capable of dealing a contract that is made easier to accept if its defintions are ‘sugar-coated’.
A tuition baby covers most of what the definition of sugar daddy is about. Only she is in it solely for the school fees. She is mature and extremely intelligent. Once she has graduated, dictionary in hand, she’ll give up sugaring.

The Highest Grade Definition Of Sugar Daddy

Definition of Sugar Daddy

Definition of Sugar Daddy

An angel baby would need a sugar daddy to give her an allowance of about 10 grand a month. This is high-class sugaring and a sugar daddy would get his monies worth because not only would she be extremely glamorous she would have the intellect to include very good conversational skills. An angel baby will turn heads when she enters a room.

Big daddy is the most ideal definition of sugar daddy because he can afford the companionship of an angel baby. The word ‘big’ in the dictionary means of great size or power. A wealthy person is a powerful person.
Defintions of a big daddy would mean power and great wealth. He would probably own a private jet and his angel baby would live in a penthouse.
Also in the sugar bowl of defintions is a sugar mommy. She is a rich, married, separated or single woman who will engage with a ‘sugar pup’.

What is a sugar pup?

Defintions of a sugar pup will include a man who is young yet mature of mind. He is extremely handsome, fit and intelligent with the smarts to ‘play the game’ because a sugar mommy will run the show.
The dictionary states that an arrangement is to make an agreement. In the sugar bowl defintions of arrangement mean a ‘go to’ word for a contract between a sugar baby and sugar daddy.
The definition of sugar daddy arrangements are deals exchanged for the company of a sugar baby who will have negotiated what she wants in return for her time spent with him.
NSA defines the definition of sugar daddy. These initials stand for No Strings Attached. The defintions of these words cannot be understated.

The dictionary meaning of strings is, in its plural form, conditions. Therefore the word will mean in the context of the sentence that there will be no conditions attached to the relationship. It is quite common in modern times for the defintions of NSA to be stipulated in the arrangement.
Defintions of the word budget in the dictionary are things like a plan of systematic spending. This is certainly a definition of sugar daddy and the financial assistance he gives to his sugar baby.

The dictionary also uses defintions like limit and boundaries. Even the word ration is another way of saying budget. However these words can be a bit harsh in the definition of sugar daddy. This is because his sugar baby wouldn’t appreciate hearing those words. She would know to live within her earnings.
Hook-up is a word not only used as a definition of sugar daddy or in the sugar bowl defintions. It is also as a general term used by plenty of non-sugars.

Serious date or just a hook-up?

Dictionary defintions of hook-up are that of hook-up a radio or TV. An unplanned sexual encounter not deemed under the conditions of the arrangement is called a hook-up by the sugar bowl defintions.
Normally for the married definition of sugar daddy, but not exclusively, is a road sugar. The dictionary defintions of a road means, track or way made for vehicles. Therefore defintions of a road sugar are that a sugar daddy’s sugar baby would not live in the area or close proximity of his residence.
Discretion would be a very important word for this type of arrangement. Secrecy and privacy are two defintions from the dictionary that are of the utmost importance for the definition of sugar daddy to stay intact.

A sugar-on-the-side is in the sugar bowl, however the defintions of this one are very similar to a road sugar. There seems to be no dictionary meaning for this. In fact, all the google dictionary could come up with is a Blondie song called Sugar on the Side.
The definition of sugar daddy that has a sugar-on-the-side is definitely a married daddy or mommy. He or she will keep his baby or her pup on the outskirts and she or he is never knowingly associated with him or her but they are always in the background.

Hide Not Thy Poison With Such Sugared Words – William Shakespeare

There are other words from the sugar bowl that are extremely distasteful and not words for a standard dictionary. This definition of sugar daddy would most probably only cover a minority of sugar daddies.
There is naturally that dark not so inviting side to sugaring, but sugar babies can avoid venturing to that side of the sugar daddy world.
A downside of the definition of sugar daddy is not so much the loneliness. This is because it is up to the individual to decide about what is lonely. The dictionary meaning of lonely is sad because you’re alone.
However, the loneliness a sugar baby deals with is most likely the feeling of neglect from not being in a loving relationship. There is no sugar bowl dictionary to support sugar daddy meanings, there is only defintions.

Definitions of sugar daddy is definitely the perks. There is the cash, loads of it, there is the places a sugar baby gets to travel. And of course, the fancy restaurants and rich and famous people she will meet.
But no word in the dictionary will cover the empty feeling of not getting true and heartfelt emotions of a real lover.
Definitions of sugar daddy should have its own dictionary on true sugar daddy meanings for everyday words.