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picture of sugar daddy candy

Take a Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy.



What should you do if you think your man has been playing away from home? It’s a thorny issue. One that can arouse strong feelings. Different people have very different points of view, and that can be tricky if you’re in a relationship with each other. It’s up to each of us to work out how we’d feel and how we would react. It’s useful at the start of a relationship to be clear about where you stand regarding extra-curricular liaisons. At least then you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting into and what you can expect.

picture of sugar daddy candy

picture of sugar daddy candy

Rules of engagement should always be clearly laid out. A good business person always looks at the small print and get out clauses, and the same should be true in relationships. Not romantic, but true.

Some of the women I’ve spoken to have unique ways of dealing with their men playing away. And special ways of keeping them focussed. The story below comes from one such lady, let’s call her Mariella, and revolves around a picture of sugar daddy candy. The picture of sugar daddy candy might not be quite what you expected. And her take on being true to yourself is an interesting one. Read on to discover what happened in this extract from her memoirs, “Taking a Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy”.

A Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy is Worth a Thousand Words.
Extract from “Taking a Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy” by Mariella X.

I got up early as usual and had my hot chocolate and croissant, a habit I’d picked up the year I spent living in Paris with Antoine. I remember making some comment about the unseasonable cold weather to Crispin, and not really expecting a reply. He was snoring and grunting under the duvet and wasn’t likely to move for several hours. Feeling more than a bit fed up, I decided to go out for a walk through the woods that surrounded the country retreat. Finishing off the last of the hot chocolate, I threw on my coat and Hunters and went out into the cold air. I guess I had too much time on my hands, and I started mulling over the comment I’d heard last night at the gala dinner party. Crispin and I have a silly running joke about his delicious sugar daddy candy. It’s a little pet name we have for his… well… you know! I can’t quite remember how it started. Probably some silly comment after one or two glasses of fizz too many. But the name stuck and it’s been our way of communicating naughty thoughts to each other ever since. A kind of shorthand that lets us communicate far more than the words actually say.

 picture of sugar daddy candy

picture of sugar daddy candy

Of course, it was meant to be a private joke. Just between the two of us. So I was mightily hacked off when the I heard my supposed friend, Louise, make a comment about a picture of sugar daddy candy at the get together last night. It made me start thinking that maybe Crispin wasn’t keeping his candy in the jar, that maybe he’d been having a bit of pick and mix with people he shouldn’t. I didn’t know for certain. It was just that hearing her giggle about taking a picture of sugar daddy candy and how delicious it was, started my alarm bells ringing. And the voice she used; that breathy little girl voice she uses when she’s trying to be coy. I knew Louise well, and I knew she thought she had one up on me. And I knew she was loving it.

So all these thoughts were going through my head as I took my walk. It wasn’t that I didn’t know that Crispin sometimes spread his bounty rather too liberally; it’s just that he knew I hated it. That I needed some reassurances. But Crispin had grown up in a world of rich entitlement, surrounded by a group of friends that had no sense of appropriateness. Their catchphrase seemed to be, “but it didn’t mean anything”. But, if it didn’t mean anything, I desperately wanted to comment, why the hell did you do it? The answer was because they could. There were never any consequences that they couldn’t just shrug off. They all came from a world of wealth and pandering to whims; chocolate on their pillow every night, and if they wanted something, they took it. I knew all this only too well.

 picture of sugar daddy candy

picture of sugar daddy candy

It wasn’t actually the thought that he’d played away that bothered me. It was the comment about a picture of sugar daddy candy. That’s what hurt. That was the betrayal. It meant he had told her our secret pillow talk, and probably had a good laugh at my expense. And what did she mean anyway? A picture of sugar daddy candy? Had they taken photos or had Crispin really broken my trust and shown her one of ours? I couldn’t let that go. I’m afraid to say I needed revenge. Not horrible blood and guts revenge, but a little bit of the “get back in your box” type. And there were two people I needed back in their boxes, Louise and Crispin. A picture of sugar daddy candy? Not at my expense Louise. No way.

Chocolate helps me think. Always has done. Not really a good strategy for retaining my svelte shape, but sometimes that’s the way things are. And anyway, it’s better than relying on a secret hip flask of vodka like some people I could mention. I always have some chocolate hidden away in my bag or a pocket. Not the posh stuff. In all honesty, I’m not a fan. Give me a Cadbury’s selection pack over the stuff Crispin buys from Hotel Chocolate or Godiva any day. I have to be honest, my favorite nibble is chocolate buttons! I think I’d even choose them over the stuff he imports from that little artisan place in Switzerland. I know. Ridiculous for the glamorous woman around town, but that’s how it is. There’s something about their pop in the mouth loveliness that makes them my comfort chocolate of choice. So, I sat down on the swing seat overlooking the lake and opened the rather squashed packet from my pocket. The sense of creamy sweetness spreading all over my tongue started to soothe me and clear my mind. I sat, gazing over the lake, whilst the melting chocolate started to do its trick, little voices in my head beginning to comment and work out a plan.

What I wasn’t sure of was which way to go. I wanted to make sure the picture of sugar daddy candy talk became mine again – or rather, ours. I wanted to remind Crispin that it was special to us. But I also wanted to do something big, spread the picture of sugar daddy candy far and wide. Make it public so no one else could have that intimate conversation with him. I felt torn. I didn’t know which way to go or what to do. Could I do something public that also made a picture of sugar daddy candy our special thing again? I didn’t know. I popped another chocolate button in my mouth and settled back to think.

 picture of sugar daddy candy

picture of sugar daddy candy how to get him

I suddenly had a brainwave. I knew what to do… sort of. How to publicly reclaim the picture of sugar daddy candy as mine, but also a way of reminding Crispin that it was our special thing.

If a Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy is Worth a Thousand Words, How Much for a Sculpture?


Chocolate! The answer to everything. I was going to get that candy cast in chocolate. A creation that was exact and perfect in every way; every vein, every little lump, bump and distinguishing mark that made it unique to Crispin. I was going to throw a girl’s night with lots of pink fizz flowing and… except, no. Wait. That wouldn’t work. I was worried about the sharing of a picture of sugar daddy candy. Why would I want to share even more? A whole erotic piece of edible art more? And anyway, it wasn’t the other girls I was worried about. It was Louise and her whispered comment about loving that picture of sugar daddy candy. I’ll bloody show her a picture of sugar daddy candy!

Of course, that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to make a chocolate cast for myself. Why walk away from a good idea, especially one that means fun? And if a picture of sugar daddy candy was so highly prized, imagine an edible replica. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see Louise’s face when I slipped that into a conversation. Picture of sugar daddy candy? Forget that. Beautiful, rich, creamy chocolate sculpture beats that with knobs on. And, as I’ve already mentioned, I do so love a good mouthful of chocolate.

A Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy Can Really Make a Statement.


 picture of sugar daddy candy

picture of sugar daddy candy – once you have him he’ll spoil you to death

Several chocolate buttons later I suddenly had my answer. I knew exactly what to do. Something that would wipe the smirk off Louise’s blemish free, weirdly immobile face and declare Crispin 100% mine. A tattoo! A tattoo of my name. A tattoo of my name right on that picture of sugar daddy candy. A tattoo that unfurled and grew with the goods! So simple. An artistic branding of my man. An irrefutable statement that he might let you play a bit, but that was all it was. There was no ownership or intimacy. That was mine, and mine alone. That picture of sugar daddy candy was not up for grabs and no amount of whispering or coy looks was going to change it. Yes. That was the way to remind them all where I stood in this picture of sugar daddy candy. Right in the middle! The picture of sugar daddy candy was going to become about me again. And I reckoned I was in with a good chance of persuading Crispin. His love of a bit of pain for one thing, and his pleasure in being seen as a risk taker…

I stretched, stiff from sitting in the cold for so long. But I was smiling. I had my plan. I was going to make my mark on Crispin. And if I couldn’t talk him round? Well, at least I’d know where I stood and work out whether I could live with that or not. It didn’t matter how much fun we had, or how glamorous the lifestyle was, or even how sweet that picture of sugar daddy candy, I had to retain respect; his respect and my self-respect. It turned out that there were some things I couldn’t overlook, whatever the benefits. And I realised I was prepared to walk away from Crispin and our picture of sugar daddy candy if I needed to. There are plenty of men out there who would love to share a picture of sugar daddy candy with me. I had nothing to lose and respect to win.

Did Mariella convince Crispin to copyright his picture of sugar daddy candy? I’m intrigued to find out how, and if, she managed to persuade him. The answer, along with more of her extreme exploits, can be found in her book, “Taking a Picture of Sugar Daddy Candy” by Mariella X.

Whether you decide to take a leaf out of Mariella’s book and come up with an inventive way to make your feelings clear, or if you choose a more orthodox route, it makes sense to understand what you and your man expect from each other. Talk to him, preferably over a good brandy or two, and ask the hard to ask questions. You might not like what you hear, but at least you go in with your eyes wide open. And, as Mariella so succinctly put it, there are plenty of men who would love to share a picture of sugar daddy candy with you. You just have to suck it and see.