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sugar daddy Hedwig lyrics

Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics – wjy we love them


We all know and love the fun hit musical, ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’, and if you haven’t seen it, then you really must do so. The show features the story of a fictional East German rock band, of the same name, with a cross dressing lead singer, Hedwig. The show is punchy, bold and although humorous, clearly tells the audience of what life is like for a man wanting to live as a woman in East Germany. Below we will further explore the meanings of the Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics.

Well, there is an awful lot of reference to sweets and confectionary in this song, including molasses and honey. These Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics give the song its fun and slightly comic angle. We all need a bit of sweetness in our lives, and Hedwig most definitely wants his share.

Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics – working for your money


sugar daddy Hedwig lyrics

When we closely examine the Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics, we find words such as, ‘Versace’

What is very interesting when listening to the Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics, is there are many references to the fact that Hedwig will work to gain his share of money and pleasure. He makes references to cleaning the home, and cooking, in order to please his Sugar Daddy. This is done with absolute pleasure.

The song drips with exuberance and luxury. When we closely examine the Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics, we find words such as, ‘Versace’. ‘designer, ‘Millan’, ‘Rome’, ‘French cigarettes’, ‘Lillian Vernon’ and jets’. It is therefore very obvious when listening to the song, that this particular Sugar Daddy loves the absolute luxurious lifestyle, and Hedwig wants a huge slice of this luxury lifestyle.

sugar daddy hedwig lyrics – Other issues discussed in the song


As already mentioned, although Sugar Daddy is a fun and almost frivolous song, there are a few serious issues hidden within those clever Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics. One issue is that of control, and that Hedwig no longer wants to be controlled by the communists or by a dominant or violent partner in his life. He wants to be in control and to be free. Singing this song, is a particularly liberating experience for Hedwig. The second issue that is shown in the Sugar Daddy Hedwig lyrics, is that of gender equality. Hedwig wants to be free, in the sense that he wants to dress as a woman and to have the same rights as women. He wants his own Sugar Daddy, even though he is a man… and why shouldn’t he? Hedwig, truly is a strong, likeable and fun character.