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Sugar Daddy jacket

When we think of the Sugar Daddy jacket, what ultimately springs to mind is a flamboyant and luxurious jacket that oozes wealth and sophistication. Although this is very true, there are many Sugar Daddy jacket styles and brands to choose from. Below we examine a few different styles that will suit all occasions.

Sugar Daddy jacket – the party look

We all love a good party and one way in which to dress up and have fun with the ladies, is to wear your very own Sugar Daddy jacket. These jackets are long, brightly coloured, some with patterns and just scream fun. They are usually worn with large costume jewelry, a matching cowboy hat and of course, the obligatory cigar!
The Sugar Daddy was at the top of his game during the 1970s, so what better way to get into the Sugar Daddy experience than by wearing a retro 70s Sugar Daddy jacket. These are made from velvet, have large collars and large pockets to keep all of that hard earned cash safe.

Sugar Daddy jacket

Get the look with a Sugar Daddy jacket

Sugar Daddy jacket – the twill look

The Sugar Daddy jacket can also be more snug and for everyday use. The Sugar Daddy twill jacket is just one example. With long sleeves and a short back, this jacket will look good teamed with jeans and biker bots, or even converse. One popular Sugar Daddy jacket is that with the sweet brand ‘Sugar Daddy’ emblazoned across the back in bright yellow colors. This is great if you love this popular sweet.

Oh, we all love a leather jacket, so what better way than to combine the Sugar Daddy look with leather. This type of jacket makes the Sugar Daddy look more up to date and accessible for everyday wear. Available in both short and long lengths, when it is teamed with a fur trim, you are all set for the cold winter months.
If you are attending a dinner party, then why not add a bit of fun and style to the proceedings? A Sugar Daddy dinner jacket usually comprises of a long length jacket that is made of crushed velvet in a dark burgundy or navy blue. Although the velvet is luxurious, the overall look is incredibly understated.
The Sugar Daddy jacket is not only just for men, as ladies can also jump in on the action. Today there are many fun and flattering Sugar Daddy jackets that the ladies can wear. These feature sparkles, sequins and beautiful pastel shades.