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Sugar Daddy Kissing

One secret to making your sugar relationship work is the knowledge of when and how to give something in return for the gifts, cash, trips, shopping sprees, apartment rent, university fees or the other goodies you receive from a sugar daddy. Sugar daddy kissing is one of the ways you can show gratitude and affection to a rich man. However, not many sugar ladies know how to do it, leading to embarrassing moments, reduced interest in the women by their sugar daddies or even broken relationships. Let’s explore some of the top sugar daddy kissing tips that will make him yearn for more.

Preparation for Sugar Daddy Kissing

Sugar daddy kissing is often a sign that things are getting serious between the two of you. So, there is a need to maintain or enhance the closeness since it often comes with goodies. First, ensure that your mouth is always clean and free of foul smells or strong odours from foods and drinks. If on a date with a sugar daddy, keep off meals with spices since they may ruin everything later on. Brushing your teeth is not a possibility in such a case, so ensure you bring along some flavored gum to camouflage any funny scent from your may have picked from food or drink.

Keep your lips moistened as that will also keep them soft for sugar daddy kissing. You don’t want him to encounter dry lips that are also probably cracked. Invest in good quality lip gloss or chapstick and apply some just before sugar daddy kissing. In the event you don’t have them, moisten your lips by gently licking them. Just make sure not to overdo it; otherwise, the excess saliva will just put him off. At no time should you use lipstick when kissing your sugar daddy. The types that leave stains especially have been sources of numerous problems, so stay away from them when in the company of rich men.

Sugar Daddy Kissing

Sugar Daddy Kissing brings your own Sugar daddy to you

Sugar Daddy Kissing
As much as the urge to kiss him seems stronger than your self-control, do not initiate sugar daddy kissing- at least not directly. Allow him to take the lead as you relax and take deep breaths, just before you let go and join him.

Make the start of the kiss a slow process that features the gentle massaging of his lips between yours. Do not forget to start with the bottom lip before you proceed to the top one. Slowly increase the aggression of sugar daddy kissing by squeezing his lips between yours, biting them and using any other means you have in mind to show him your passionate side.

Sugar Daddy Kissing Beyond His Lips

If he has always been good to you, there is nothing to stop you from returning the favour in the best way he likes it. Apart from the ears, find out if he wants to be kissed elsewhere. Contrary to what many sugar girls know, men have a few other erogenous zones that they want pleasured too. They include his cheeks, neck and ears. A few may request that you proceed to other places. Well, that will depend on the type of relationship you have and if he is promised or given you something exquisite.