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A Sugar Daddy Blacklist to Keep Handy

A Sugar Daddy Blacklist

Who is on your sugar daddy blacklist? A girl has to be prepared in case things go very wrong. You need to be prepared and sugar-daddy savvy in order to know not only when the time is to quit but what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. A sugar daddy blacklist helps you to separate the meat from the bones. And no I’m not talking about those kind of bones either.

A sugar daddy blacklist

A sugar daddy blacklist based on looks

Remember, you need to be comfortable to be seen with your sugar daddy. Or perhaps you know that you’re never going to be seen with him. Your sugar daddy blacklist should have the types of looks you could live with. Your sugar daddy is going to be older, so you need to take cognizance of the fact that his body is not as young anymore. But if you can’t put up with sugar daddies with black or missing teeth and a missing toe, then on your sugar daddy blacklist it goes.


A sugar daddy blacklist based on money

Now for me, this is key. I can have any man I want. I have a young, sexy body and men run after me like I have diamonds between my thighs. Truth is, I do and my sugar daddy put it there. Nothing puts a man on the sugar daddy blacklist faster than a lack of money. He needs to be able to take care of me.

So, as soon as he starts asking for loans and telling me he will pay it back, he has got to go. As soon as he starts avoiding calls and avoiding people because of money he owes, I am gone. If he cannot take care of himself, how is he going to take care of me?

I know it sounds harsh, but the reality is you are wasting your time with a man who cannot be the sugar daddy that you deserve. Have some standards!A sugar daddy blacklist
A sugar daddy blacklist based on how he treats you

This is another area of concern for me. Nothing will get a man quicker on the sugar daddy blacklist than how he treats me.

He needs to treat me with respect. I am not his toy. I am not his doormat. I am not his mother. I am his lover and his friend. I am a sugar daddy’s girl. I am not at his beck and call though, I have a life of my own. I do not pick up and clean after him, that’s his wife’s job if he has one. Otherwise, hire a maid. I do not do cooking, just because I can it doesn’t mean that I have to. I can choose to spoil him if I want to, but this is a relationship of mutual respect.

And lastly, if he ever raises his hand to me, I am gone. I don’t need that and neither do you. If he does, call the police and get out of there, like now.