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Sugar Daddy Jimin goes too far

One of my friends once had a very strange sugar daddy experience. This sugar daddy was a nice guy but once he got an idea in his head there was no shaking him. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but he went a little too far. I’m not sure she’s telling the whole truth but the way she tells it is as follows…

Sugar daddy Jimin

Now, this bloke was quite a big name in the music industry. He was powerful and philanthropic and I think this is why his quirks were more or less ignored. However, this particular quirk raised more than a few eyebrows from his social circle. He was impressed by the singer Ji-min, and after she made a large donation to a cause close to his heart, he decided that the only music he listened to would be hers. He felt it would be an appropriate way of honouring her. Of course, my friend thought he was joking and started calling him her little Sugar Daddy Jimin. Sadly, the buffoon thought it was a wonderful endearment and the trouble began

Sugar Daddy Jimin

Sugar Daddy Jimin – A strange story

The naming of Sugar Daddy Jimin
To begin with, it was fine. He was Sugar Daddy Jimin to my friend but, to the rest of the world, he used his normal name. However, things gradually got weird as he became fixated with the name. Slowly he insisted that everyone in his immediate circle called him Sugar Daddy Jimin. Pretty soon he was even insisting his employees and business acquaintances used the name Sugar Daddy Jimin. As you can imagine, this caused quite a few giggles and really didn’t go down well in board meetings. Despite the laughter, he was not to be swayed in his fixation, and eventually he would only answer to Sugar Daddy Jimin.

Sugar Daddy Jimin takes the biscuit

The icing on the cake was when Sugar Daddy Jimin decided he needed to make his adoption of this new name official. He felt this would be the only way that people would take his new identity seriously. So, a huge and elaborate naming ceremony was planned. He wanted an ice sculpture of the real Ji-min to take pride of place under a hand-carved pagoda and invited the flesh and blood Ji-min to sing at the event, hoping she would give her blessing to his new name. This is where it all unravelled. Obviously, she was completely freaked out and restraining orders started flying. My friend hastily jumped ship as all the sweetness in the world didn’t quite mitigate the weirdness of this name fixation.
Like I say, I’m not sure if this is the whole truth but you never know…