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Sugar Daddy relationship – Do’s and Dont’s

More and more women are getting into relationships with sugar daddies. A woman who is in a relationship with a sugar daddy is known as a sugar girl or a sugar baby. it is the duty of the sugar daddy to take care of his sugar baby. The sugar baby provides him with companion ship in return. For a sugar daddy relationship to exist, the sugar daddy has to meet the right sugar babe. Some of the places a sugar babe can meet potential sugar daddies include bars, the internet, yoga classes and even the gym. if you have a friend who is dating a sugar daddy, you can ask her to introduce you to one. Once you meet and agree to start dating, there are a number of do’s and don’ts.


Do keep an open mind when in a sugar daddy relationship

A sugar daddy relationship is not a traditional relationship. The sugar daddy may ask you to agree to abide by certain rules before dating you. It is important that you keep an open mind. If you fail to do this, the sugar daddy relationship may end even before it starts.
Don’t express your reservations when in a sugar daddy relationship
It is important that you do some soul searching before dating a sugar daddy. If it is your first time as a sugar baby, by all means do some research and find out what it means to be a sugar daddy relationship. The last thing any sugar daddy wants is a sugar babe who is conflicted about the relationship. If you are having second thoughts, it is best that you do not go through with it. No one, and especially not a sugar daddy, wants to listen to how being in a sugar daddy relationship is not in line with your Christian faith. You should have know this before you agree to meet and to start dating a sugar daddy.

Sugar Daddy relationship

With a Sugar Daddy relationship you can have a wealthy life.

Do talk about your expectations when starting a sugar daddy relationship

Once you get to meet and agree to get into a sugar daddy relationship, make sure you talk about your expectations. If you expect to be paid for being in the sugar daddy relationship, by all means let him know. If you want an allowance, talk to your sugar daddy about it. You should also talk about your availability when dating. When and where will the two of you be meeting? How long will the meeting be? will the sugar daddy relationship be open or closed? that is, are you allowed to date other sugar daddies. It is important to talk about these things in the beginning of the sugar daddy relationship as it will avoid misunderstandings.
Don’t be flaky when in a sugar daddy relationship
It is important that you sit down and decide what exactly you want from a sugar daddy relationship before starting one. This way, you will be able to put everything on the table during negotiations. Obviously, you will be able to negotiate for favorable terms in the sugar daddy relationship if you have seriously thought it through. Keep in mind that the sugar daddy may not take it too kindly if you start asking for more things or changing the terms already agreed to once the negotiations are complete. He may consider you opportunistic causing him to withdraw and even terminate the sugar daddy relationship.

Sugar Daddy relationship

You have to know how to find a Sugar Daddy relationship

Do not be afraid to ask questions when in a sugar daddy relationship
As you already know, a sugar daddy relationship is not your every day relationship. Therefore, as a sugar baby, the more you know about what the sugar daddy expects from you the better off you will be. Different sugar daddies like different things. For example, while one sugar daddy may expect you to call him, another may ask that you refrain from calling him and instead wait for his calls when dating. Asking questions will help you understand your sugar daddy. a sugar daddy relationship is likely to be more successful when you understand each other.
Don’t be a time waster when in a sugar daddy relationship
As a sugar baby, if you are not comfortable starting a sugar daddy relationship or you are not too happy with the terms it is best that you do not go through with it. The last thing the sugar daddy needs is a sugar baby who is not reliable. If you are always changing plans that you had already agreed to or cancelling dates, the sugar daddy will drop you like a hot potato. After all, time is his precious asset and he will not waste it dating someone who is not serious or does not know what she wants.

Sugar Daddy relationship

You have to act appropriate in a Sugar Daddy relationship

Do look your best when in a sugar daddy relationship
Sugar babies are a dime a dozen. If you are do not care about your appearance, your sugar daddy will just look for someone else. Be mindful of your appearance especially when with your sugar daddy. Understand that a man’s ego is boosted when he has a beautiful woman by his side and his friends are complementing him on it. Use the money that you get from your sugar daddy relationship to spruce yourself up. It will make him happy and you will not regret it.
Don’t act needy when in a sugar daddy relationship
If you were going to school before you met your sugar daddy, do not stop. Your relationship with the sugar daddy should not be the only thing going for you. Having a life of your own is important because it will give you something to talk about when the two of you do get together. If you do not have other things that you are passionate about and that keep you busy, you will tend to want to be near your sugar daddy so that you can do the things he likes. With time, this will put a damper on the relationship, alienate your sugar daddy and make dating seem more like a chore.

Sugar Daddy relationship

How can a Sugar Daddy relationship consist?

Do be caring when in a sugar daddy relationship
A sugar daddy might be wealthy but he also needs to feel that he is cared for. So once in a while you should try and surprise him with gifts. While your sugar daddy can buy himself anything he wants, he will appreciate the fact that his sugar baby thought of him and cared enough to get him something. This is one way to keep him interested in the relationship.
Don’t get too comfortable when in a sugar daddy relationship
One thing you should know about dating a sugar daddy is that the relationship is based on convenience. The sugar daddy will break up with you if he feels you are no longer providing him with what he needs. Accordingly, you should not become lazy and lax. Just because, the sugar daddy relationship is based on convenience does not mean you do not need to work at it. You should continuously look for ways to make the sugar daddy relationship more exciting so as to keep your sugar daddy interested in you.
Do always tell your sugar daddy how great he is when in a sugar daddy relationship
This is especially true when it comes to matters of the bedroom. If you want to boost his ego, let your sugar daddy know that he is the best you have ever had and will ever need. This will make him so happy that he will want to keep you around. It does not matter that it is not the truth as long as you make him believe it.

Sugar Daddy relationship

Bring joy into your life with Sugar Daddy relationship

Don’t bring drama to a sugar daddy relationship

So you have fallen in love with your sugar daddy. The last thing you should do is call his phone incessantly. You should also not show up at his place of work especially if he has asked you not to.

Your sugar daddy may ask that you keep your relationship with him a secret because he maybe married. If you hope for the sugar daddy relationship to last, it is important that you respect his wishes. Do not go telling your friends about it. You should also not ask your sugar daddy about his spouse and his children. You risk sabotaging the relationship by asking your sugar daddy to divulge details he may not be ready to.
You probably know that showing your gratitude when someone gives you something makes them want to give you more. Accordingly, if you want your sugar daddy to continue giving and for the sugar daddy relationship to flourish, you show gratitude for the things he gives you when dating. You should say thank you even for a simple thing such as a cup of coffee. What is more, you should say it with a smile.
Do you ever wonder why some women are sugar daddy magnets and others are not? It is because they are passionate. All you need to do is add passion to your every day life. Simply smile and laugh more often. Have a sense of humor and do not take yourself too seriously. These are simple things that will make you irresistible and attract a sugar daddy to you.
The last thing anyone wants is to be dating someone who is always complaining. If you are the type of sugar baby who is always talking about how nothing is going right in your life, you will be the last person the sugar daddy wants to be around. You should remember that your sugar daddy also has things that are going on in his life. He is dating you because he is looking for an escape. It is depressing to listen to someone complain so rather than stick around and listen to you, he will avoid you.
Maintaining a sugar daddy relationship is not rocket science. However, for the relationship to be a success, there are some do’s and don’t. By all means, you should be caring and loving when dating a sugar daddy. You should also be an encouraging and grateful sugar baby. Since men are visual creatures, take the time to look good for him when dating. Among the things to avoid when dating are wasting your sugar daddy’s time, being too needy and being a drama queen. If you observe these little things when dating a sugar daddy, you will have yourself to thank as the relationship will flourish.