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Sugar Daddy Instagram dancing

There is nothing so funny as a sugar daddy dancing except, perhaps, a sugar daddy dancing and posting the results on Instagram. Firstly, Instagram is for the young. It is not for sugar daddy Instagram dancing posts. Having said that, some of them do get a fair few likes and hits. But I think it’s probably more to do with young things laughing their socks off at the old boy making his moves.

Try to avoid sugar daddy Instagram dancing

If at all possible, it is best if you steer any wealthy geriatric you may be dating away from Instagram completely. If that’s not an option, at least limit the amount of sugar daddy Instagram dancing posts that occur. It is funny, but it certainly isn’t clever and the posts will haunt you and your daddy forever – particularly if his kids ever get to see it. If you can’t stop the sugar daddy Instagram dancing posts, then at least make sure you can reduce the damage they do.

Limiting the collateral damage of sugar daddy Instagram dancing
If you cannot completely stop the sugar daddy Instagram dancing then the next best thing is to manage the situation. You need to limit the amount of exposure your sugar daddy gets. If at all possible, film the dancing yourself. This way you can make sure you never quite capture his face and hopefully no one will ever realize who the old geezer dancing in the spangly bodysuit actually is.

Sugar Daddy Instagram dancing

Sugar Daddy Instagram dancing is a funny way to spend your time!

When sugar daddy Instagram dancing is ok

Of course, there are times when sugar daddy Instagram dancing is actually ok. At a family wedding for example or when he is sweetly dancing with a cute little kid at a charity gala. And there are some other times when sugar daddy Instagram dancing should actively be encouraged. It would actually be wrong not to post if he was John Travolta or if he really could move like Jagger. In these situations, the posting of videos is a must. It is a way to show off what an amazing man you have caught and win some mighty bragging points.

Sugar daddy Instagram dancing can also be rather good if revenge or bribery is ever needed. Keep a few backup shots on your phone to be put into circulation if ever the need arises. It’s never a bad idea to take out insurance and a few dodgy photos and the threat of social media is likely to pay dividends.

Remember, social media is there for you to manipulate how the world sees you. That applies equally to any sugar daddy Instagram dancing posts. Just ensure you have control of the information at all times.