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Sugar Daddy John Digweed

One of the most seminal dance tracks of the 1990’s was that of Sugar Daddy. It became an instant hit and was played all across the UK and the States. In 2016 came a reworking of this dance floor classic. The Sugar Daddy John Digweed Remix is based upon this popular Hacienda electro pop classic. He reworked the popular Sugar Daddy tune with fellow musician, Nick Muir to create a new direction for the song as well as creating an entirely new fan base for the original work. The original Sugar Daddy track was written by Kris Needs and performed by Wonder.

Sugar Daddy John Digweed Remix – Remains true to the original

The Sugar Daddy John Digweed remix stays very true to the ethos and feelings of the original song. The real beauty is that the track simply builds upon the bones of the original song to create a distinctive, yet similar feeling tune. The Sugar Daddy John Digweed remix is slightly longer, at just over 8 minutes, but builds up to a satisfying finish, increasing in tension and ambience. The soulful voice of Wonder is also very reminiscent of the electro pop age and gives the track a truly authentic feel.

Sugar Daddy John Digweed

Sugar Daddy John Digweed was a popular Song in the 90s.

The Inspiration behind the Sugar Daddy John Digweed Remix

Nick Muir and John Digweed re-arranged and shaped the classic Sugar Daddy to create their own unique version of this popular tune. They retain the use of Wonder’s melodic and soulful voice, choosing not to use another vocalist, as they wished to remain true to the original’s soulful roots. Just like the original, once you listen to the Sugar Daddy John Digweed remix, it will never be forgotten.

Sugar Daddy John Digweed – One of the ‘Live In’ tunes

The Sugar Daddy John Digweed remix was one of 5 songs that featured in the ‘Live In…’ mix sessions. All of these fantastic tunes were recorded in Miami, at the Vagabond Nightclub in 2014. This was part of the city’s Music Week. An impressive 27 songs were recorded all together, with the Sugar Daddy John Digweed remix being made into an instant hit and dancefloor classic. Even though the original Sugar Daddy was recorded in 1992, the duo had pout their own distinctive and individual spin on the track, making it fresh, current and for the new dance floor generation of 2016.