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Sugar Daddy Essie Nail Polish

Sugar Daddy Essie Nail Polish – the only sugar daddy you will need!

An old time favourite nail polish, from the Sugar Daddy Essie nail polish range. A sweet pink nail polish that will instantly make you feel pretty. Well your hands at least. Let’s get to the elephant in the room, the how, where and when, with this candy-coated nail polish.

Sugar Daddy Essie nail polish – where to get it?

Simple answer. Anywhere. How good is that? Let’s start with how to find a store, that sells the sugar daddy Essie nail polish. Just type in your zip code to search for stores and you will see all stores where you can buy the product. Simplicity. So what if you can’t be bothered to leave your front door? Here is an even easier option. Amazon! Just a few clicks of the mouse, and done. Effortless.

Sugar Daddy Essie Nail Polish

Sugar Daddy Essie Nail Polish

How do you apply the sugar daddy Essie nail polish?

Assuming you have already done the “where” stage, we move on to the next stage. How to apply this candied nail polish? Now, Most of you are thinking “we already know how to do this”. You have probably been practising since you were 7 years old. But, if you want to get the best out of your sugar daddy Essie nail polish, follow this application process. Step one: Apply an Essie base coat. Step two: Apply two coats of a colour coat. Step three: Apply your last, chosen finish coat; In this case the sugar daddy Essie nail polish. Wallah, magnificent.

When Can you wear the nail polish?

I think the easier question here would be: When can’t you wear this glamorous nail polish? The answer to that would have to be: You can always wear it. This sweetened nail polish is perfect for any occasion – wherever you are going. Subtle enough for a job interview, classy enough for that cocktail event you want to go to, and cute enough for that first date.

This diverse, delicious and delightful nail polish is a winner. The sugar daddy Essie nail polish is definitely a must have item to add to that list of things a woman should carry in her bag. Forget the diets, ladies: Go get some candy for your nails!