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sugar daddy arrangement

A Sugar Daddy Arrangement –

A sugar Daddy arrangement is an agreement between two consenting adults involving an exchange of money, in return for companionship and sexual favors. The male or ‘sugar Daddy’ is usually considerably older than the female and, sometimes, considerably less attractive. There may be some exceptions to this rule, although we are yet to see examples of this in the mainstream media.

A sugar Daddy arrangement in detail

The young lady can take her pick from many men masquerading as ‘sugar Daddies’ on online dating sites and willingly enter into a sugar Daddy arrangement. This sugar Daddy arrangement will assist the young lady, or ‘sugar baby’, (as she will be known), with her credit card bills, shoe collection and paying back student debt. In return, the sugar Daddy arrangement will help the ‘sugar Daddy’ with: releasing tension after losing at golf, to look like a dashing, silver, fox at charity functions, and to reduce impending hysteria linked with a mid-life crises. A sugar Daddy arrangement is, therefore, a mutually beneficial agreement.

How much money to expect from a sugar Daddy arrangement?

sugar daddy arrangement

sugar daddy arrangement

The trick to discovering your worth as a ‘sugar baby’ is to calculate your living expenses, then add on a cost for comfort items such as; take-away pizzas, handbags, nail extensions, fake tans and bikini waxes; then add a little bit more on top. You should ask for more if the sugar Daddy has a heavy wallet but a face that only his Mother could love. The extra cash will help with this!
There is no hard and fast rule to a sugar Daddy arrangement. The money can rise over time and how much you receive depends on how much the sugar Daddy earns. On a more serious note, the ‘sugar baby’ has to give a lot more than the ‘sugar Daddy’. Only enter into a sugar Daddy arrangement if you are clear that you are expected to be all that your sugar Daddy desires; the full girlfriend experience, kisses, cuddles and sexual favors. Some people may settle into the sugar Daddy arrangement and find it works for them both, long term. Others may run for the hills and never look back.