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sugar daddy finder

Tips for Choosing a Sugar Daddy Finder Site

Many people view sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships as just another form of prostitution. This is, however, not the case. There is more than just sex and money involved in these relationships- companionship, networking and friendship are just some of the other great benefits that people get from this kind of relationships. To cater for the increasing demand of sugar daddies many a sugar daddy finder sites have been set up in the UK and other parts of the world. These sugar daddy finder sites offer older richer men and younger women with a platform to meet and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Thanks to their large number, many people are spoilt of choice as they all look almost similar. Choosing a real and reliable sugar daddy finder site that best suits your needs from the hundreds, if not, thousands of sites out there can be confusing to many people. Here are some tips for choosing a sugar daddy finder site.

Check the landing page

There are many sugar daddy finder sites that are fake. The landing page is a good starting point to know whether a site is fake or not. Fake sites usually have generic profile photos of highly attractive people in offices, ships, golf resorts etc. If the photos look like modelling shots and not normal photos of people on the landing page, then chances are high the site is a fake and you will just waste your money when you subscribe to it as a member.

Free profile

sugar daddy finder

sugar daddy finder

There are many sugar daddy finder sites that offer free membership. However, they require you to enter your credit card information to take advantage of the free membership without enough explanation provided for this. Some sites with this sort of arrangement have small checkboxes that say you are signing up for a few days’ trial after which they will start deducting as much as £50 per month. The design and size of the checkbox sometimes make it almost guaranteed that it will go unseen. Therefore, make sure you have checked everything before signing up for free membership.

Number of members

It goes without saying that the higher the number of members the more likely you are to get a sugar daddy. It is, therefore, advisable to go for sites that have a high number of members, preferably in hundreds of thousands or even millions. However, you need to be careful as some sites use fake profiles to boost their numbers.


Membership costs of sugar daddy finder sites varies widely from site to site. While some charge as little as £15 per month for gold membership, some charge as high as £80 per month for similar membership. It could be argued that the more expensive sites also attract wealthier sugar daddies. However, in most cases, sugar daddies are usually members of multiple sites. You, therefore, have an equal chance of getting a sugar daddy on a £30 site as on an £80 site.


Sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationships might be controversial but they serve an important role in the society. Hopefully these tips will help you get a sugar daddy finder site that will help you find a sugar daddy that meets your financial and emotional needs.