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Sugar Daddy Financial Arrangement

Sugar Daddy Financial Arrangement – how to make it last

A sugar daddy financial arrangement is almost identical with regular dating. However, sugar babies have to choose the time to make financial arrangements wisely. Money and commitment make the most important aspects to discuss immediately after entering a daddy-sugar baby relationship. This is to ensure both parties are on the same page when it comes to the sugar daddy financial arrangement. Sugar babies should be cautious not to come off as materialistic individuals who are in the arrangement only for money. Thus, it’s advisable not to talk about it on the first date.

Use the first date to impress him wildly. An old champ in this game will bring up the topic. However, if he mentions it on the first date, smile and tell him you are focused on getting to know him. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship after all. Remember: As much as the sugar daddy is willing to take care of your financial needs, his needs should also be met adequately. Commitment and loyalty refer to the amount that both parties are willing to devote to the arrangement. This can’t be equated to money. Sugar daddies are not interested in women who are always asking for money every time they meet.

Sugar Daddy Financial Arrangement: Why you should not be too vague


In  fact, most sugar daddies want to date somebody who knows what she wants. Be straightforward and honest about your situation to help him understand where you are coming from. If you are just broke and need rent or school money, just tell him. When in need of a generous allowance for your hair, pedicure or getaways, explain that you need extra financial help and while at it, don’t make demands.

Making a sugar daddy financial arrangement may require a little coercion, but in a kind and good natured tone. Think about how you want him to treat you and mould that behaviour. If you are accustomed to being a daddy’s girl who gets everything she demands, making sugar daddy financial arrangement requires a little tact. Instead of saying “Give me more money or I will be gone” try something like “can we kindly discuss increasing my allowance.” A little gentleness goes a long way. In the end, you want to make a lasting sugar daddy financial arrangement.

Be Confident When Making Your Sugar Daddy Financial Arrangement

For most sugar babies, the question of making a sugar daddy financial arrangement feels a little edgy, but something they overlook about the arrangements is the fact that sugar daddies don’t bargain hunt. So, when discussing allowance, begin the dialogue expecting to get what you ask for. As such, when he asks you for a figure, states £xx, xxx as a matter-of-factly. At the same time, don’t feel inclined to justify the amount you want for your sugar daddy financial arrangement. Just be blunt and stick to simple explanations like you want to save or have a lavish lifestyle. However, if you are still not comfortable giving a straight answer, ask him about his previous sugar daddy financial arrangement. That should help you figure out a range you will be comfortable with. A sugar daddy financial arrangement is indeed a great way for young and attractive women to increase their income.