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Sugar Babies date for cash

Introduction to sugar babies date for cash

Quite a common thing people will assume when the topic of dating a sugar daddy comes up, is that the sugar babies date for cash. Here we will tell you why this perception is made, and then tell you the truth about if sugar babies date for cash.

Sugar Babies date for cash

Sugar Babies date for cash

Why would people think sugar babies date for cash?

People know a sugar daddy to be a richer, older man. The sugar babe is therefore younger, and is shown to be lavished with luxury, including gifts and travel. This will automatically lead people to the conclusion, that sugar babies date for cash. I suppose it also doesn’t help that sugar babies are very vocal about getting cash. However I see this as a positive thing, as it shows that they are upfront, about this part of the relationship.

So do sugar babies date for cash?

Well in a way yes! I know this maybe wasn’t what you were expecting to hear, but the cold hard fact, is that sugar dating is known for a cash luxury. Sugar babies will often get lavished with expensive dates, gifts such as clothes, travel to different places, and at times cash. The sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship is based on what both parties want, and because the sugar daddy often has wealth, cash will be involved.

Despite this, cash is only a small part of dating a sugar daddy. There is much more fun to be had by dating in this way.

How can I stop people thinking sugar babies date for cash only?

The first thing to do, is to educate people who ask about the lifestyle. Explain to them that being a sugar baby has way more to it, than just asking for cash. Explain to them about the sugar daddy / sugar babe relationship, and how it is mutually beneficial. The more people who are educated about this way of dating, the more people will understand, that sugar babies do not just date for cash.

Conclusion to sugar babies date for cash.

So in conclusion, sugar babies date for cash, amongst many other things. In a lot of cases, cash is the thing drawing sugar babies to this dating lifestyle. However, cash is not the only thing this dating lifestyle can bring. If you do sit there and think sugar babies are dating for cash, then you are right and wrong at the same time.