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What to wear on a Sugar Daddy date?

Why choosing what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date matters

Always remember: the whole point of sugar is that it’s sweet, so what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date is a question to take seriously. Why would you turn up at a date with a POT Sugar Daddy looking like you’d run there? It won’t make him like or admire you; quite the reverse! He’s not looking for a girl who wants to be treated like a five-year-old. So don’t make the mistake of thinking looking rough and ragged will appeal to him – seriously, it won’t. The key to deciding what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date is thinking about whether Daddy himself would want to be seen with you. You’ll help yourself a lot if you come across like a woman who’s happy and confident in who she is and what she’s doing here.

How to select what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date

Let’s start with the dress. You really can’t go wrong with a little black dress here – the LBD is a classic look for a reason, and if you ask people what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date, it’s the first piece of advice you’re likely to get. Don’t go overboard, though: you want to look stylish and adorable for Daddy, not to make every man in the room stare. It’s therefore a bad idea to push things as far as the bodycon look. A simple yet elegant black number will make both you and Daddy happy, and isn’t that what you want most? Of course it is. The other main element of what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date is footwear. Six-inch stiletto heels are a bad idea for the same reason as bodycon dresses. Instead, go with pumps. Make sure they’re nice pumps, and pick a light yet restrained colour that coordinates well with black.

what to wear on a sugar daddy date

Is what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date really that important?
The simple answer is yes! Creating the right atmosphere for your date, especially when meeting a POT Sugar Daddy for the first time, is everything. If you neglect that, or appear in an outfit that’s wrong for the season, he will notice, and he’ll wonder what else you’ll neglect when you’re together. On the other hand, turn up looking fabulous, stylish and classy, with matching colours and upmarket appeal and you’ll draw the right sort of attention. If Daddy and you are going to make it work, thinking about what to wear on a Sugar Daddy date has to be in your mind from the very start.