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Sugar Daddy Definition

Sugarbabe for Sugar Daddy

What is a Sugar Daddy?

A Sugar Daddy is an older man, probably middle aged or above, who uses money to win and/or keep the affections of a younger lady. He can be a millionaire or just a guy who is prepared to raise ridiculous credit card debts to please his young lady. But, all that being said, an incredibly rich man would probably make the best option because he would have less reasons to sink into sudden depression at the thought of spiraling debts. A Sugar Daddy has a kind of ‘financial arrangement‘ with his Sugar babe. A good Sugar Daddy buys his Sugar babe things she needs, things she wants and more things. He may pay her rent, put her through college and generally improve her life amazingly. Kind of like a sponsor of a football player but instead of playing football in a branded shirt or riding a specific motorbike, she rides…. Well, let’s leave that to your imagination shall we. Well, actually the best a woman could ask for is a guy that doesn’t actually care much for sex anymore but just wants her companionship. Those models are a dying breed these days. Usually.
Sugar daddy

How to Find the Best Sugar Daddy

If you are a lady looking to become someone’s Sugarbabe then you could visit strings of seedy nightclubs waiting for that lonely millionaire to to stroll in. However, you are more likely to find a player, a conman or a thief, which is highly counter productive to say the least. You could go to expensive restaurants and hope to be approached by your ideal Sugar Daddy, but then you’d have to spend money on something in there, which is also highly counter productive once again. The best way by far is to use the internet and with so many websites geared towards finding the perfect Sugar Daddy, your search should not take long. The great thing is that these sites are free for women! Bingo!

How to Train a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy

This is a great idea! Women need to give just enough, but not too much upfront. Keep them wanting and keep the wanting attached to stuff. Nice stuff. Let him feel wanted but not needed, desired but not irreplaceable. If you can succeed at all this then you could create your very own Sugar Daddy from scratch. Otherwise, leave it to the experts and get online.