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The perfect Sugar daddy

What makes a perfect sugar daddy?

Perfect sugar daddy

What do you think?

Surely, he should give a shower of gifts, up to a value of one million dollars to his Sugarbabe. Which kind of present should he make her at first? The perfect Sugar daddy gives Sugarbabe a diamond chain and tells her that he did that because she is his treasure.

She will be fishing for compliments and the perfect Sugar daddy will satisfy her. Should he be romantic and handsome, or be rather obedient, or both? A good Sugar daddy will recognize that she has a calculating character, and will accept it. What makes the best Sugar daddy in the summer? He will give her his cooling fan for the hot summer days. How to be the best Sugar daddy in the winter? He sees his Sugarbabe shiver and gives his coat to her. What makes him so compassionate, had his father been a Sugar daddy too? Most likely, the richest man who has the best skills of bewitching a Sugarbabe, is the perfect candidate. A Sugar daddy should fascinate and oscillate.
Perfect sugar daddy

He is pleased to make her bed and her breakfast. He will let her win at any game. A Sugar daddy shouldn’t be a smoker. Or should he?

How long might the relationship between a Sugar daddy and a Sugarbabe last? What about a lifelong bond?

Likely, Sugarbabes decide what makes the perfect Sugar daddy. Probably, each Sugarbabe defines the criteria on her own. Which kind of Sugar daddy is good at convincing a Sugarbabe to let him pass the Sugar daddy exam?

The perfect Sugar daddy provides his Sugarbabe’s career. He makes her a star. A perfect Sugar daddy likes to listen to her stories. He will allow her to teach him about love.
The perfect Sugar daddy often exists in a fairy tale or in a Sugarbabe’s imagination.

Please tell me when you have found the perfect Sugar daddy.


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