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Sugar daddy criteria – Meet the right sugar daddy

The most important Sugar daddy criteria

Wealth and style are vital Sugar daddy criteria

One of the most important criteria is an astronomically large number in credit.

Sugar Daddy criteria (more…)

The Sugar daddy facts


Sugar daddy facts

Sugar daddy facts – If you’re looking for a relationship with a mature single, then Mysugardaddy is the perfect dating site for you. There are many sugar daddies and sugar babe’s available in your search for that special relationship.
Many have found friendship, love and commitment just by taking part of this pleasure.
In these relationships, each partner is aware of the limitations and expectations, making it much more comfortable for each individual, searching for that special match. (more…)

Life Sugar Daddy

The Life Sugar Daddy- One Day The life sugar daddy is a luxurious and lavish lifestyle, full of indulgence, fun, and whatever tickles the whim of the day. A sugar daddy loves to lay in bed with his sugar babe, and will usually take his breakfast in bed with her. Imported Coffee direct from Colombia, fresh croissants from France, a selection of fruits from Central America, whatever he may be craving, the life sugar daddy is about getting what he wants, when he wants. With tons of money accumulated over the course of his life, […]

Sugar Daddy – What it is exactly?

Sugar Daddy – What it is exactly?

Sugar daddy Definition

A sugar daddy is a wealthy and successful man usually aged over 40 years who lavishes attention and gifts on a younger woman in a mutually beneficial arrangement, usually in exchange for companionship and / or sexual favours.


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Sugar Daddy Summer Vacation

Sugar Daddy Summer Vacation

Sugar Daddy Spend Summer vacation
Summer is coming! It’s time for you, sugar baby to spend your time with the sugar daddy. It’s the best season in a year to go out, hang out, and spend all your money & time. Where should you spend the summer break with your sugar daddys? There are many places you can go with him and believe me it’s gonna be very exciting!


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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