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Sugar Daddy Plants

Sugar Daddy plants are actually a beautiful member of the snap pea family. The botanical name is Pisum sativum. Sugar Daddy plants are in the shape of edible pods that are also stringless, giving a smooth and pleasant texture when eaten. The biggest advantage of growing Sugar Daddy plants is that they are incredibly low maintenance, and therefore are perfect for the beginner gardener, especially children.

How to grow Sugar Daddy plants

Sugar Daddy plants are incredibly easy to grow. The minimum temperature for growing Sugar Daddy plants is 7 C. As long as there is no frost, then they will grow relatively easily. Ideally they should be planted in the early spring and in dry soil. If they become too wet they will easily rot. The plants should be spaced at least 1.5 inches deep and an inch apart. It is also a good idea to add copious amounts of mulch around the plant, as this will prevent the plant from becoming too hot, as well as helping to protect the roots and keep them dry.

Sugar Daddy Plants

You need advise to grow Sugar Daddy Plants

The best time to pick Sugar Daddy plants

It can be a little difficult to known when it is the best time to pick Sugar Daddy plants. The general rule of thumb here is to feel the pods, and to pick them when they feel full. You can always pick one to try and see how the peas taste. But be carrel not to leave them to long, as they do harden over time.

Difference between Sugar Daddy Plants, garden peas and snow peas

Many people get confused as to what exactly each pea is. The snow pea is used to stir fry dishes and are generally flat with a small pea located inside the pod. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Garden peas are often referred to as sweet peas, as they are incredibly sweet. They are a small round pea, and again can be enjoyed raw or cooked. This pea also freezes incredibly well. Sugar Daddy plants produce peas that differ, as they are actually a mixture of both garden and snow peas. The peas are eaten in their pod, once again they can be eaten raw and they are very crunchy and sweet.