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Day of Compliments: The wellbeing of the people is emphasized. People!

Who doesn’t like to be admired? Well, everyone likes that from time to time. Beloved people around us, friends, partners or even work colleagues, tell us beautiful or positive things.

However, compliments aren’t just about phrases that are associated with our look: about how good we look today or how beautiful our hair looks. We can also concentrate on the personality aspects of the people who are best suited to us or give them recognition, i.e. tell them which areas they master very well. Therefore, March 1 is the day of compliments when we can all dare to tell the person next to us what we haven‘t dared to yet.

How can you celebrate this day?

If you don’t know how to celebrate, we can give you some tips. If it concerns some family members, please don‘t be afraid to highlight their positive sides and how good it is for you to have that person by your side. Say you love them by giving them a hug.

If you want to surprise your partner, talk about your feelings and tell him the most beautiful sentences you still have in your head. Compliments can also be pay at work, as long as we are within the limits of respect.

Tell your work colleagues that you enjoy working with them, or thank them for the things they helped you with. It‘s also important to do this at the right time and in the right place.

If you’re in a Sugar Daddy – Sugar Babe relationship, this day is an excellent chance to bring out your inner romantic spirit and say the most flattering sentences. You can also note things to him or her which you find great. Compliments can be a great weapon of seduction.

Why is it good to give compliments?

Studies have shown that getting compliments in the work environment can empower the employees, which leads to more self-confidence and a more positive approach to what they do. It also increases a person’s interest in their job.

Everyone has experienced what a compliment evokes in their mood. At once a smile appears on our face because it‘s an injection of positive sensations that captures us. It is usual to feel valued, dear loved ones, which also influences our self-esteem.

When we give a compliment, it’s normal for us to return another compliment so this is a good way to support each other.

The history

If you ask yourself how this day has come into being, we tell you that it came into being in the Netherlands, as a global initiative to create the “Most Positive Day in the World”.

The originators hope that everyone can take part as they have no commercial background. The idea is simply to recognize and appreciate the people around us, a situation which can benefit all of us.

If you want to learn more about this day, you can visit the official website of the organizers at the following link: