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Dating sites: Why can’t you live without them anymore?

Imagine – you are a full-time employee and want to find a partner with whom you can share your life or simply have a good time. Addressing people in clubs or at parties is not your strength and your circle of friends has been the same for years. So no dates for you? Of course not!! For that, you have dating sites.

In reality, these difficulties are more common than you can imagine. So today more and more people are turning to the internet to meet other singles. This way you can expand your possibilities, speed up the time and consciously choose your partner.

1. Why are dating sites becoming more and more popular?

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Thanks to the Internet, the field of research extends from our neighbourhood to the whole world. In addition, the protection provided by the computer screen allows us to break down a number of social barriers which still limit us from behaving in real life in the way we would like to.

Moreover, the Internet increases the number of women who take the first step, because they feel very encouraged to explain more about what kind of relationship they want, even if it doesn‘t fit in the traditional model.

In fact, it‘s estimated that 70% of gay couples in the U.S. were formed through the Internet. In addition, according to a survey by the University of Vienna, there are more and more interracial unions thanks to the Internet.

The speed of searching for your partner at any time and from anywhere take the dating sites once again a step ahead of traditional methods.

Of course there is a risk of encountering ambiguous people and for this reason caution is essential. But after all such a risk is not only a privilege of the internet!

2. What was dating like before the internet?

In fact, when we think about it, people have been using other channels for a long time to meet potential partners. For example, think of the public announcements in the lonely hearts section of the newspapers. It is estimated that the first announcement dates back to 1695, when a wealthy 30-year-old Englishman hung up a poster in the street in which he declared himself looking for a young gentlewoman with a wealth of £3,000.

However, most of these ads were published by homosexuals who could not explicitly declare themselves as such and search for a partner in the traditional way. Really, homosexuality in the United Kingdom was a punishable practice with the death penalty for a long time and was only officially recognised as legal at the end of 1967.

In 1727, Helen Morrison became the first woman to publish such an advertisement, but because of this she was forced to remain in the asylum for a month. In truth, such announcements were always associated with fraud or perversion. These prejudices only began to fall in the 1960s, when the practice became an integral part of youth culture.

3. The History of Online Dating

With the arrival of the Internet, the step from paper to digital ads was very short. The first dating site ““ was founded in 1995. But what shifted the attention of the general public on the subject was definitely the famous film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, „C’è posta per te“. In 2007, the dating industry became the second largest provider of paid content via Internet. (It’s hard to guess what the first one was 😉 )

4. The Dating sites nowadays

As it happened with the announcements of lonely hearts, also the meetings on the Internet were initially considered as something very dangerous and perverse. After all, the first reaction, as with all new things, is always a reaction of fear. But already in 2010, online dating sites were among the most diverse and there was something for everyone. In fact, it was already possible to find a partner on the basis of religion, localization, interests, certain physical characteristics etc.

This made it much easier to find a partner that exactly matched the characteristics you were looking for.

Now the fear of these channels has decreased significantly and the presence in these platforms is increasingly accepted and considered normal. It‘s not hard to imagine such platforms will be the most important meeting place for most couples in the future.

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