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A Sugar Daddy For Me

A Sugar Daddy For Me That’s Older

A sugar daddy for me because guys my age have never interested me. They’re so immature and have a lot of growing up to do. They’re nothing but boys with men’s equipment and do not have the stamina or experience to know how to please me.

No, I want somebody far older. I want somebody who’s familiar with the ways of the world. I crave an older man. A man who appreciates my young body and who knows exactly what will turn me on, without me having to say a word. That’s a man’s job and not a boy’s. That’s why I need a sugar daddy for me…

sugar daddy for me

A Sugar Daddy For Me That’s Richer

Boys have a job, men have careers but my sugar daddy has money and he knows how to spoil me. He knows that I appreciate the finer things in life, and has the wealth to spend it in all the right ways. A sugar daddy for me will buy me a fur coat and rip it off to discover my young body adorned in a diamond collar that he bought me. He wants to spoil me because he knows that in turn he will be spoiled in only the way that a sugar daddy for me can be spoiled, and leave us both breathless…


A Sugar Daddy For That’s Wiser

A sugar daddy for me who knows best. He knows that I’m young and naïve and makes my decisions for me. A sugar daddy for me who takes charge and keeps me in line while still being soft and gentle. I want a sugar daddy for me who makes sure I’m safe from all the bad boys out there.

A sugar daddy for me
My sugar daddy will advise me against tricksters and fraudsters. He will know how to avoid them and whisper sweet nothings at the end of the day. My wise sugar daddy keeps me safe and secure in his strong arms. With wisdom and strength he comforts me. I need my sugar daddy, and I crave him so. Are you the right sugar daddy for me?