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Sugar Daddy Formula for dates with rich men

The Secret Behind The Sugar Daddy Formula

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what’s the mystery behind the sugar daddy formula. I think maybe it’s time for me to change my tactics. Books, school and being a good girl is not getting me the results that I want. I think I need a sugar daddy formula.
My friend Lola has a sugar daddy and she has so many nice things that she got from him. I think that maybe I should try that route, too. Oh, it will only be for now because I do have goals and ambitions, you know, but a girl has got to have the finer things in life. I mean who’s going to say no to Prada, and if it’s for free, then it’s even better. Here is the sugar daddy formula I have been following:

An instant sugar daddy formula

An instant sugar daddy formula is to simply change the way that I dress. I love the two piece sweater and cardigan combination, with a little pencil skirt. Lola says that it is too prim and proper. She says that I look like a princess who has never been touched. Well, if only she knew.
I bought some hot shorts, a few crop tops, and knee high boots. Lola brought some make-up. I look so different with my big hoop earrings, shiny lips and long eye-lashes. Yeah, I’m definitely getting noticed in these.

Sugar Daddy Formula

Sugar Daddy Formula

A short-term sugar daddy formula

It was easy enough to change my looks but Lola says I need a new attitude. Sugar daddies love their babies with attitude and spunk. Here I thought that that part was supposed to go all over me.
So my short-term sugar daddy formula is to develop an attitude with sass and sexiness. I watch Lola and how she talks to men. She crosses and uncrosses her legs, she laughs at their jokes and she twirls her hair, and every now and then she touches his arm and then giggles.
I started to do it as well, and now I have them eating out of my hands.

A long-term sugar daddy formula

Right now, I’m learning how to treat my sugar daddy right. This is part of my long-term short daddy formula. I don’t have a sugar daddy right now, so I can only listen to Lola as she recounts the tales of the time that she has spent with her sugar daddy.
They met each other at a sugar daddy bar. Lola says that you have to know how to pick the right one. She says that she has laid down the law, that they treat each other with respect. At the same time, she says that she loves to spoil him with attention, and that she loves to please him, which means she is there for him whenever he needs her.
Oh, how I envy Lola. I can’t wait for my very own sugar daddy now. I’m hoping that this sugar daddy formula will work.