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I need Sugar Daddy

Sometimes I look at these younger girls and I just dream and I wonder how different it all could have been. Just this morning, I overheard an interesting conversation where the one was bragging that, “Sugar Daddy gave me this tennis bracelet,” and “Sugar Daddy is taking me to Paris”. Here I am, a mom with two kids and a half kids and I think I need sugar daddy too (just don’t tell my husband this). In fact if I were to send out a hypothetical ad letting sugar daddies know that the position was open it would go something like this:

I Need Sugar Daddy to Pay My Bills

Please be on time with bill payments. I need you to either pay them cash and send the receipt, or I need an electronic transfer done. You can send the proof of payment to this email address.

I know this isn’t your usual glamorous list of bills to pay. There aren’t any expensive restaurants listed here. Heck, I’m lucky if I can afford takeaways at MacDonald’s. I just need you to pay rent, the car payments, insurance, and utilities.

I need Sugar Daddy to take care of this, and I know you are able to do so. I need to eat, utilities aren’t cheap and I need a roof over my head. You don’t want this beautiful head to be homeless do you? Well pay up, mister. Life isn’t cheap and neither am I.

I need Sugar Daddy

I need Sugar Daddy to make my wishes and desires come true

I Need Sugar Daddy to Buy My Stuff

Now that the bills are paid, there are certain things that I need. I’m not asking for diamond bracelets. I’m a cheap sugar baby. I need Sugar Daddy to buy my stuff, and you’ll even find that it’s a lot easier on your wallet.

First up are groceries. I need Sugar Daddy to go with me to go buy some food. I have been dying to get the expensive ice-cream the whole year, but it just was never in my budget. That and the fact that I know it would last all of two minutes in my house with two kids to feed.

What else? Well I need Sugar Daddy to buy some clothes. The kids need winter coats, and I need some boots and everything really. I never have enough money to deck myself out. I figure since you have enough money to spend on girls, you can put your money to some good use.

I Need Sugar Daddy to Expect Nothing in Return

Now, here’s the catch. I need Sugar Daddy to expect nothing in return. Am I crazy? No, I just happen to know that your sugar baby is the judge’s daughter. Yes, the same judge who will hear your case next month.