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What is Sugar Daddy Dating

What is Sugar Daddy Dating in a Nutshell?

Whenever my friends ask me the question: “what is sugar daddy dating?” I feel so doubtful to answer a proper definition of it. I am pretty sure they are always trying to find out what getting involved with a sugar babe is like. And then, when I tell them: “well for me it means cheating death”—I assure you that’s how you feel like when you come out of a coma— they make all kinds of faces… until I brief them.

what is sugar daddy dating

What Is Sugar Daddy Dating in a Nutshell?

You are able to find a dictionary definition everywhere from Wikipedia to blogs to great sugar dating sites. But let’s not get too hung up on definitions. So, what is sugar daddy dating?


What Is Sugar Daddy Dating? My Own Definition


To put it simply, it is the best way a sugar daddy (an experienced gentleman) can get to know a sugar babe (a sexy young woman looking for you, a man with social and economical stability).

What Is Sugar Daddy Dating —In My Experience?

When your doctor tells you that you have borderline diabetes, it puts you on guard right away, but then when you don’t see any symptom you go careless about what you eat.

What does your doctor know about a delicious sugary chocolate shake while watching your favorite series? I was going to find it out pretty soon.

Before My Coma

“What is sugar daddy dating?” That was the exact question I was asking to myself. To make a long story short, I was chatting online with my sugar babe. This gorgeous girl was so conversational and funny that I did not care much about my movie series any longer. That’s when it happened.

I was feeling confused and could not think properly all of a sudden. As far as I remember, she was asking me the same questions over and over as if she could not understand my writing.

Last thing I remembered I was in the ER and a nurse was asking me where I was. Then, she explained to me that my glucose was so high -over 600- that a regular meter could not measure it. Also, she told me 911 saved my life. Later on I realized it was my lovely sugar babe who made the call.

So, What Is Sugar Daddy Dating in My Life Now?

It is my new life opportunity. Just so you know, people looking for online sugar dating tend to think that sugar babies are just sexy and young skinny women to go out with. Obviously, in my case, it is more than that. What is sugar daddy dating for you? Find it out here: