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beautiful sugar baby

Beautiful Sugar Baby – A perfect Life with and a perfect family?

I was in my Prime Time. I had it all: Two gorgeous houses, nice cars, three fabulous kids, and an irritating ex-wife. I was the president of my own company, for heaven’s sake, with a yacht I hardly ever used, taking up space in the marina I hardly ever got a chance to go to. When I did go, it was always alone, or with my chum Carlos, which was as exciting as going with my grandmother.

Beautiful Sugar Baby Solution

So when he finally came up with the idea of me finding a beautiful sugar baby, I was stunned. “Carlos, that’s the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard you say!”

He looked a bit offended. “Man, there’s a deep river running through here!” He pointed to his handsome melon. Carlos was a native of Spain, a lawyer hired by my company for representation in overseas ventures since he spoke several languages. He looked like a superstar athlete who always gets stuck dating models and actresses because of his looks. How I envied him.

“Man, you need to start looking for it, man.” Carlos always played up his meathead persona when he was with his guy friends. As soon as he entered the courtroom, however, he became Perry Mason.

“Man, go to They’re decent man. You find yourself a beautiful sugar baby”

beautiful sugar baby

beautiful sugar baby

Beautiful Sugar Baby Disaster

She sat across the table from me, not quite the beautiful sugar baby I was hoping to see. She was stockier than her picture in real life, like she might work in construction, or at the docks unloading cargo ships.

“Where is it you said you work again?” I asked a bit coldly, not really caring that I sounded like an elitist ass.

“I’m a paramedic,” she replied brightly enough. “I do volunteer firefighting as well when I have the time.” Hmm. How did I miss that in her profile? I was trying to picture her in a strapless dress and high heels. Her face was decent enough, if maybe a bit plain. She didn’t seem the type for dolling up. I didn’t quite feel in my gut she was the beautiful sugar baby for me, somehow.

In the next few minutes that followed, I experienced a moment of simultaneous shock, humiliation and fear. The steak I had been chewing on somehow managed to get lodged in my windpipe. Frances, the paramedic, had gone to the lavatory, presumably to get away from my boorish behaviour.

My face was turning blue, yet no one noticed. My last thought was no beautiful sugar baby for me as I hit the ground like a sack of rotting sushi. I awoke, pleasantly surprised to be alive and breathing. The was a beautiful sugar baby looking over me, watching me with such attentiveness and concern that my heart beat faster.

Beautiful Sugar Baby Redemption

“Frances, I’ve behaved like a complete jerk. Would you please let me show you I can be classy, too?”

She lowered her lids and looked at her hands for a long time. With the wickedest smile, she softly replied: “Do it again and I’ll have to let you die.”

Then the story begins.