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Vacation with my sugar daddy


Vacation with my sugar daddy

If you’re already a sugar baby or you’re thinking of becoming one, you might be thinking the question “What can happen on a vacation with my sugar daddy?” Here in this article I will try to describe some of the things to expect in that situation.

Why vacation with my sugar daddy?

Vacation with my sugar daddy
One of the highlights of becoming a sugar baby is the luxurious lifestyle you lead. Vacations can lead to tropical islands, bustling cities or calming country retreats. If you are thinking will a “vacation with my sugar daddy be boring?”, think again.

What should I do on a vacation with my sugar daddy?

Be there for him. Be whatever he wishes you to be. If he wants you as a companion for a quiet weekend, grab a book for a calm evening. Dress appropriately when away. No matter where you are in the world, you still need to look your best. Even if you’re going away to a yoga retreat, make sure those yoga pants are fitting and looking great. If he wants to go somewhere which requires dancing and socialising, you better get some lessons in and your tap dancing shoes on.Do I have to sleep with him when on vacation with my sugar daddy?

This is completely up to you and what type of relationship you have with him. Some sugar daddies want pure companionship, even when on vacation. If you have a sexual relationship with your sugar daddy, take some special things away with you. Everyone likes a bit of fun on vacation!Do I do anything different when on vacation with my sugar daddy?

This is often asked as going away can be a very special event to the everyday person. A sugar daddy might be used to going on vacation and needs you to carry on being normal. Some sugar daddies might see vacations as being special and would like you to bring your ‘A’ game!Should I go on vacation with my sugar daddy?

This is entirely up to you. If you feel your relationship should stay at home, do not feel obligated to go away. Do remember that going on vacation can be exciting, lead to exotic locations and bring you and your sugar daddy closer. Whatever your choice, have fun!