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Traveling with my sugar daddy

Traveling with my sugar daddy;  
When you read this please don’t think every sugar baby has it as good as me. Three years ago I was lucky enough to find a brilliant sugar daddy at my favorite sugar-dating-site and since then my life has never been the same. Over the past three years I have spend at least six months traveling with my sugar daddy.

Traveling with my sugar daddy

How I went traveling with my sugar daddy

I was 20 when we met, and I wanted to see the world. Traveling with my sugar daddy made all those dream come true. Our first overseas trip was to France. We spend a week in Paris, eating at sidewalk cafes, going to amazing shows, walking hand-in-hand through the streets and drinking champagne at sunset.That was not the end of traveling with my sugar daddy. Three months later we were off to China. While he had to spend his days in meetings, I browsed the boutiques of Shanghai for expensive gifts for my friends at home. And at night we wandered through the markets, marveling at the sights and sounds of China. The food was often exotic, and I loved their music.

My next adventure while traveling with my sugar daddy was a trip to Bangkok. While he worked in the day I went on trips to the palaces and temples, and I loved traveling by river taxi to the outer suburbs. That was a wonderful way to experience the ‘real’ Bangkok and meet ordinary people from all walks of life.

Traveling with my sugar daddy is great fun

One of the highlights of traveling with my sugar daddy was when we visited Cambodia. The trip started in the atmospheric old city of Phnom Penh, with its many temples and laid back atmosphere, but afterwards we had time to visit the gorgeous Angkor Wat temple complex. If I wasn’t traveling with my sugar daddy, I would probably never have had the chance to visit this incredible place.For me traveling with my sugar daddy reached a highlight when he asked me to marry him while we were visiting Cape Town in South Africa. At that moment we were on top of Table Mountain, and we had the most magnificent views in all directions you can ever dream of. We were watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean when he went on his knees and asked me to become his wife. Of course I immediately said yes and we were married in a quaint little chapel on a wine farm a week later.

After that my days of traveling with my sugar daddy came to an abrupt end. Now I am looking after our ten-month old baby and our Chinese poodle while he is traveling with his new sugar baby – a horrible little money-grabber with a distasteful attitude.