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Sugar Dating Statistics

Sugar Dating Statistics
Sugar Dating Statistics on Hot Spots

Sugar dating statistics can help new users get an idea of what goes on in this world. Sugar Dating Statistics on locations with the most sugar daters is also helpful for finding people. The United States has a lot of sugar daters throughout the country. There are more sugar daters on the east coast compared to the west coast. The central states don’t have as many.

New England through to Virginia has a large number of sugar daters and there are a lot in Florida. In the west, California has a large number, especially around Los Angeles and San Francisco while Seattle and Portland in the state of Washington have a large population. Overall, the major cities in all the states have sugar daters with Atlanta, Georgia in first place followed by Scottsdale, Arizona and San Francisco, California. International sugar dating statistics show dating pools in many major European capitals as well.

Sugar Dating StatisticsSugar Dating Statistics on Users

Sugar dating statistics on who use relevant dating websites are also very helpful to determine average ages, social status and backgrounds of sugar daters. Some studies help determine who make up the pool sugar babies. It is estimated that 44% of sugar babies are college students who commonly use their sugar daddies to pay for their tuition, student loans, rent and credit card bills. Similarly, a study conducted in early 2016 in the UK revealed how there has been an increase in students who signed up for sugar dating websites. Over half of these students come from middle and upper-middle class families. This is a common trend in Canada and in Australia as well. A similar study found that the average age for a sugar daddy in New York in 2013 was 42 years old, which is probably younger than most people think.

Sugar Dating Statistics on Money

Money is a major player in the sugar dating world and there are many sugar dating statistics related to it’s role. A study on sugar daddies in New York City revealed they had an average annual salary of just over $520,000 USD. The average amount of money spent on their sugar babies per month was close to $5,700 USD. In Canada, sugar babies can receive around $1,500 to $5,000 per month from their sugar daddy depending on the city. In some cases, sugar babies can received upwards of $10,000 per month if that is the arrangement with their sugar daddy. As to why sugar daddies give monthly allowances, a study found that most sugar daddies simply enjoy spending their money on sugar babies.

There are lots of sugar dating statistics out there – look around to find more that are helpful!